Low Country Boil

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Phil Anderson from Harris Teeter shows you how to make a low country boil with kielbasa, shrimp, and crab.

    Phil Anderson: Hi I am Chef Phil Anderson Harris Teeter's Executive Chef. We are going to do a low country boil.

    The ingredients are: four pounds of small red potatoes, two onions, five quarts of water salted, four tablespoons of Old Bay seasoning, two pounds of kielbasa, six ears of corn, two pounds of shrimp, and two pounds of crab clusters.

    Okay so, we want to start of with cold water. So I m going to put some cold water; we are going to just cover these potatoes and onions. We are going to add salt. Don't be afraid of the salt. We are going to take the Old Bay seasoning. Okay we are covered with cold water, now we are going to put it on the stove. We are going to turn it on medium high heat for about six of seven minutes until the potatoes start really get cooking, and then we will add every thing else.

    The shrimp and the crab legs and crab clusters will go in at the very last. In the recipe we call some clusters, two pounds of clusters, but you can use crab legs as well.

    Now that it's boiling nicely, potatoes are getting tender; it's now time to add in our corn and kielbasa. So, put this in there. Now remember this is a lot of food so we are talking good 12 people. Corn really only takes three to four minutes to cook. So we are going to put kielbasa in. That's already cooked so we are just heating that up.

    So we have let that cooked for about 3 minutes, now we are going to add in the shrimp. See that pot is getting full, and the shrimp won't take very long to cook. That stock is pretty high. Okay so it's been couple of minutes that shrimp is done. Now the crab is already cooked, so we are just going to put it in here to heat it up, maybe two, three minutes, and when we pour it out it's going to be nice and hot. Push that down in there, so it will heat up nicely.

    That's all you have, low country boil. We are going to take this out and present it on newspaper and we are going to put it all over the table and invite all the neighbors to come in and just chaw down on low country boil. Enjoy!