Lowercase Calligraphy Letters – N, H, M, U, A, D, G, Q

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Calligraphy expert Joanne Wasserman writes lowercase calligraphy letters n, h, m, u, a, d, g, and q.

    Joanne Wasserman: Hi, I am Joanne Wasserman and my art studio is Wasserman Design and we are learning the Renaissance Italic script from the 15th century called Chancery Cursive. So, let's continue, now what I had said before about the letter okay, we only put the hook at the end of the last stroke of the letter, here we did not do it to the first stroke, but we did do it to the second stroke for the letter N and for the letter N it is the same way. Letter N has three legs, and it is on the third leg that we put that stroke, the hook.

    The letter H, it is like the letter N only it has the taller first stroke and the letter U is like the letter N upside down. So we will write these letters again. N, H, M, U, and then I will put this little hat on the H as the final touch after I have got he rhythm going on these other letters. I did not want to interrupt the movement of my hand and then there is another set for these letters and it is also a curve and a straight. It is one stroke, now that is not C, I go back into the hairline at the top where I began and I push over to the right, just a little bit.

    So I am putting a hat but instead of a curved hat like the F I am just making it a flat hat. Then I am making a down stroke that is parallel to the other downward strokes in the letters. That is the letter A and then we have a very similar letter to A, it is one stroke to -- so right off the mark, good again. One, two, three, four, so G has four, and then one, two, three and there is the hook. The last stroke of the letter has a hook. With the G we ended it, so there is the hook but that looks a little unfinished.

    So I add like a foot just like the letter J and also the letter P we could do that. It depends what you like, you can make the form either and I will run through all the letters of group two, so you can see how they are made again. The P, so that is our second group of letters and we are ready to move onto our third group of letters which will finish the alphabet of Chancery Cursive in the whole Miniscule set.