Lowercase Calligraphy Letters – Practice Sentences

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Calligraphy expert Joanne Wasserman demonstrates how to practice calligraphy by writing sentences that contain all letters of the alphabet.

    Joanne Wasserman: Hi, I am Joanne Wasserman and this is the Wasserman Design Art Studio where we are learning Chancery Cursive script. We have learnt all the small letters and we are going to be writing sentences. There are two sentences that you will have a fun time practicing with, they are short and they use every single letter of the alphabets. So, the first one is called Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs and we are writing all in small letters because that is all we have learnt to do and that is just fine. So, here we go with that P. now, I am turning my pen to get that foot on the K and now I will add the -- I have finished the words and now I will add the extra little touches like the hat on the K.

    Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs, the letters have a rhythm of movement and they are joy to make. It is very meditative. The concentration that it takes to make all of these letters will send you into a different world and you will forget about any other things in your day until you stop with your writing and then all those will be recalled again. 'Dozen liquor jugs', notice I am still dotting my I after I have written the whole words, so that I am not breaking the rhythm of the strokes that I am making, I am trying to keep them as uniform and parallel as possible. Even though every one of these of letters is a little bit different from every other one.

    It is a way I had found that lets me keep on going with the parallelism that I have been writing Jugs. So that one sentence and I am not going to put a period because I did not capitalize the letter of the first word. I will put a dash. So these are sentences using all the small letters and we are ready to move onto learning to the capital letters of the Chancery Cursive script.