Lunch Hour Fitness

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow provides tips and information on fitting in a workout during your lunch break at work.

    John Basedow: Regular exercise not only helps control your weight and improve your appearance, it also reduces your risk factor for deadly diseases.

    Most people understand the value of daily exercise but are too busy to commit to a schedule, which is why it's important to fit in fitness anywhere you can. A lunch time workout can help you reach your fitness goals.

    Typically a lunch hour doesn't provide a lot of time for exercise, especially if you have to shower and change or obviously eat during this timeframe. However there are ways to utilize your lunch time to maximize your exercise potential.

    Physical activity decreases stress and increases productivity. Studies show that healthy employees tend to be happier and much more productive. If you don't have a gym at your office, try doing jumping jacks in the parking lot. Walking up and down the stairs or take a few lapse around the building. Plan to bring hand weights so you get some on activity in there as well.

    If you have access to a gym at your workplace, bring a change of clothes. Nothing is worse than sitting in sweaty clothes all afternoon. Enlist your coworkers to join you for support. This will build comradery and also help motivate you to exercise on the days you're not feeling up to it.

    Avoid the after lunch slump and give your energy a boost by taking on a lunch hour fitness routine.