Mackerel – Finishing the Dish

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to cook mackerel and how to finish the dish.

    Barton Seaver: Hi, I am Barton Seaver and today we are finishing up our dish of Spanish Mackerel fillet that's been sauting in the pan. We have got toasted almond potatoes and a Lemon-Garlic Gremolata. Now the Mackerel we have just finished up cooking and what we have done is sauted two of the fillets at a time skin side down, with a little bit of the almond oil and cooking oil, I used a little bit of canola and what we have done is added the other two fillets back in and turned them over onto the flesh side, let the heat of the pan really continue to cook them. I have turned the heat off and then what that does it very slowly, slowly just finishes cooking the Mackerel and you end up with a wonderful, wonderful richness to it because we have brined it. Now I have got our toasted almond potatoes, again we have toasted those in a little bit of almond oil that we have made. So I am going to take some of these slivered almonds here and toss those in. Now dont be afraid of this oil because that oil is very, very tasty. Its the olive oil that the almonds were toasted and then I have got a little bit of the rough chopped parsley. We are going to add that in there. Now the parsley sort of sucks up a little bit of that oil and so it adds a lot to that flavor into it. Now remember olive oil is good for you, so dont be scared of it, okay. So mix these up. I am trying to do this without making too much of a mess here, doesn't that look great? Its crispy, crunchy, oily potatoes. The full flavored Mackerel fillet, this is going to be great. So now those are mixed up, we are just going to start plating here. Just take a little bit of the potatoes, make sure you get some of the almonds off the bottom and the parsley and all that because that's all your texture and your flavor. This looks awesome. And then we will take one of our Mackerel fillets here, make sure to put that right on top. Now again Mackerel is one of my favorite species. The Blue Ocean Institute has listed this one of the 'Green List' species. A very sustainable catch uses sustainable catching gear, there is no by catch, there is no habitat destruction, Mackerel is also very resilient to fishing pressure because of its early maturation and reproduces in high abundance and also its a very good fish for you. It has got a lot of Omega-3, its very healthy for whoever -- there is the concern of a little bit of elevated mercury level, so check with your doctor or with Blue Ocean about that. So now we are just going to finish this off by adding a little bit of our Lemon-Garlic Gremolata. Now this is very potent, flavorful stuff, so we dont need a whole lot of it. So that amount will be just fine for four people, so nice full two teaspoon in there, just drizzle that around the plate and get some of that oil in there as well. Alright, there we go, that's our Seared Spanish Mackerel Fillet with the toasted almond potatoes and Lemon-Garlic Gremolata, thanks.