Magic – Batteries Not Included Trick

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional magician Lawrence Cummings demonstrates how to do the batteries not include trick.

    Lawrence Cummings

    Hi I'm Lawrence, I was born in Virginia in 1961. Since I was 8 years old I wanted to be an entertianer. But instead I joined the AIR Force in the 80's. I was stationed in England, that is were I started to learn the art of magic. I say "started to learn", is that I am still learning. With magic you are always learning. I think that is why I love performing so much, I'm being challenged everyday. I perform in many different venues, like private parties, corperate events, concerts and restaurants. I am a member of The Society of American Magicians and a member of The Magic Castle in Hollywood CA.

    Lawrence Cummings: Hi, I am Lawrence Cummings; I am a professional magician with Magic up Close. Today, I am going to show you how to perform simple magic tricks. This trick is called Batteries Not Included, I have cup here, is there anything inside the cup? Nothing in the cup, okay, well over here my pocket, I have this little baseball. Here we go, watch carefully. Probably the world s oldest trick there is, again, watch again, watch again, watch again, goes right back into the cup, this time it goes into my pocket, stamp my fingers and there it is.

    Let me explain how that works, it is really simple, it uses batteries. No, it does not use batteries, that is silly, it does not use batteries. I actually use two balls that is right, I use two balls. There is the second right there, that is an eyeball. Tell you what; I think the batteries are going dead. Now, here is the explanation, what you need is a cup that you can not see through, a battery, something funny like an eyeball and two identical balls. You are going to start off with the battery, the eyeball and one of the duplicate balls into your right pocket, put the other one in your left pocket.

    You are going to show everybody that the cup is empty and while you are doing that, you are going to grab the ball out of your hand and I mean out of your pocket and put it in your hand, hold in it, this is called a finger hold. This is close-up, on how to do the finger palm. Nobody can see if you hold in hand naturally, nobody can see it. Then you show everybody the cup that is your party misdirection, you are going to put the cup into your right hand and at the same time that the ball goes right into the cup. It really does, it does goes right automatically into the cup. Just put the cup down and show the first the ball in your left pocket.

    Now, to make it disappear, you do what is called retaining, you are going to go like this and just retain it into your hand, back into this finger hold. All you do is to prowl your fingers over and make it look like, like you are doing this. Just practice this a couple of times and just relax your hand, motion your hand towards the cup and reveal the ball, while they are looking at the ball, your are putting the other ball into the cup. We are going to do one more time and reveal the ball, okay. Let s see, now you are going to, say you are going to put the ball back in your pocket, and while you are doing that, I am going to show this one, one more time, you are going to pull out the battery, the battery again, it goes into the cup.

    The ball goes in to the pocket, you show everybody that the ball, I mean that the trick actually uses batteries, that is a joke everybody laughs, at the same time you are going to put in your goofy ball while you put the battery away into your pocket. When you reveal the goofy, the eyeball you are going to put the battery back into the cup. The battery goes back into the cup for the last part of the joke and now, as you can see when I lift up, the battery is jammed up inside the cup, which gives a little bit more magical appearance.

    So, when I snap the cup, the battery dislodges. There is no magnet; there is no nothing, like that to keep it there. It is just jammed up inside that is how you perform, my version of cups and ball, Batteries Not Included and the next trick that I am going to show you how to do is, how to feel color.