Magic – How to Feel Color Trick

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional magician Lawrence Cummings demonstrates how to do the feel color trick.

    Lawrence Cummings

    Hi I'm Lawrence, I was born in Virginia in 1961. Since I was 8 years old I wanted to be an entertianer. But instead I joined the AIR Force in the 80's. I was stationed in England, that is were I started to learn the art of magic. I say "started to learn", is that I am still learning. With magic you are always learning. I think that is why I love performing so much, I'm being challenged everyday. I perform in many different venues, like private parties, corperate events, concerts and restaurants. I am a member of The Society of American Magicians and a member of The Magic Castle in Hollywood CA.

    Lawrence Cummings: Hi, I am Lawrence Cummings and I am a professional magician with Magic Up Close. Today, I am going to teach you how to perform simple magic tricks. This next trick is called Feeling Colors. Basically, what you going to do is you need four basic colors, red, blue, green and yellow, and you are going to ask somebody in your audience to take the colors from you. You are going to turn your back to them and ask them to give you one color and hide the rest of colors, so you can not see what they are. That way you can probably guess, if you can see the colors, you can probably guess what they gave you.

    But, you want to do that, you are going to have this behind your back, and you can be out to feel the color and this is how you do it. It is very simple, you just mark your thumb, which is behind your back, all you do is mark your thumb, when you bring your hand backup, without the crayon, you are going to look at your thumb and you can see, what color you marked on there and you can say things like, Oh, it is hot, it like the sun, it must be the color, yellow. So, basically that is the trick on this one, it is real simple. I wish I had somebody here to actually go through with me. So, you can see how it is performed.

    Again, you just hand them, your spectator, your audience member, the four colors asking them to give you a color behind your back see, so you can not see where it is and behind your back you are going to mark the color onto your thumb and you bring your empty hand up to you so you can like pretend to read their minds or to feel using your mind to feel the color that is behind your back. What you are really doing is taking a peak what is behind on your thumbnail to say, it is the color blue, okay. That is how you do Feeling Color and the next trick is the Sucker Tear and Restore Paper Trick.