Magic – Sucker Tear and Restore Trick

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional magician Lawrence Cummings demonstrates how to do the sucker tear and restore trick.

    Lawrence Cummings

    Hi I'm Lawrence, I was born in Virginia in 1961. Since I was 8 years old I wanted to be an entertianer. But instead I joined the AIR Force in the 80's. I was stationed in England, that is were I started to learn the art of magic. I say "started to learn", is that I am still learning. With magic you are always learning. I think that is why I love performing so much, I'm being challenged everyday. I perform in many different venues, like private parties, corperate events, concerts and restaurants. I am a member of The Society of American Magicians and a member of The Magic Castle in Hollywood CA.

    Lawrence Cummings: Hi, I am Lawrence Cummings and I am a professional magician with Magic Up Close. Today, I am going to show you how to perform simple, magic tricks. This trick is called the Sucker Tear and Restore Magic Trick. First of, you need to get two pieces of paper, like so, identical piece of paper, you ball one up in your hand like so. Telling your audience, do not, because what you are going to do is to explain your audience how to do this trick. So you are telling them about this piece of paper right here balled up in your hand.

    So, do not so you are telling them do not show this to your audience, also you are going to be, so now you are ready to do the world s famous Tear and Restore Trick. Here we go, nice balled up like this. What you are going to do, you are going to show the audience your torn pieces like so, so you can show everybody, that you have nothing in the hand, but also you are going to tell them, remember do not show anybody the duplicate one over here. So, now you take your torn pieces reaching your pocket and pull out a magic object like a magic wand or a magic coin. In my case, I guess my magic finger.

    When you do that, it is just what is called misdirection, you are going to wave when you do that, pull out something out of your pocket, you are going to switch it out for this piece of paper for your duplicate one. Wait a minute, hang on a second, which one is the torn pieces, I think, I messed up. Do not do anything, maybe, I think these are torn pieces and this is the, yeah this is the duplicate one. So, when you wave your magic finger or your magic wand, say some magic words to show everybody that you have restored the piece of paper. But, I just show once, where somebody actually saw this, they did, they actually saw this. So, I pull up my magic wand and I said some magic words, I imagined the pieces going back together again and I opened it back up and to everybody s amazement, the torn pieces is actually going back to have been restored back to normal.

    I guess that is why they call it recycling, I guess, I do not know. Now, here is the explanation how to do the sucker tear, while you are ready, you are at back. What you need for this trick is actually three pieces of paper, you need three pieces of paper. Take one before you did the show, before you explain to your audience how to do this trick. You are going to have one already balled up into a finger hold, there is the finger hold and you are going to explain to your audience that you are going to teach them how to do the world s famous Tear and Restore Trick.

    By making a duplicate one of themselves over here, just like I showed you before, you just tear it and tear it, ball it up, when you are balling it up, what I am actually doing is putting the torn pieces in front of my third duplicate piece, right there. Showing my hand is now empty, explain to them, do not show this one, at the same time I am covering a backup in reaching over here and grabbing the duplicate one. The torn pieces are now in the finger hold now, that goes into my pocket, reaching in there, looking for some kind of a magic wand like a pen, a coin can work, anything you have got in your pocket, bring it up, what you are doing is you are dumping the torn pieces into your pocket and you are explaining to them, your misdirection is actually you explain to them to switch the papers out.

    But of course, you have two restore papers here anyway. Wave your hand, show the first one open, first one has restored, that is the one, they know about. Now, tell them a story about somebody caught you once and you had things fast and you have restored that one as well. That is how you do the Tear and Restore Paper Trick, next is the Blushing Jack.