Magic Tricks – Linking Paperclip

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Magician Tim Kottcamp demonstrates how to do the linking paperclip magic trick.

    Tim Kottcamp

    Experience the evolving extravaganza of magic, illusion and theater that is TRICKS IN MOTION, performed by Tim Kottcamp – a show that may be customized for any audience or event. An enthusiastic and animated entertainer, Tim Kottcamp has always had a passion for magic, thrilling audiences of all ages for the last fifteen years. Featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine, Tim has performed amazing close-up and stage magic in numerous venues in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland, including restaurants, schools, libraries, community centers, parks, and convalescent homes. In addition to public appearances, he has provided sensational entertainment for private special events, including corporate functions, holiday gatherings and birthday parties for both children and adults.

    Hi, I am Tim, Tricks In Motion, my stage name. Today, I want to show you an awesome magic trick using three household items. One, a dollar bill, any denomination bill, dollar is probably easy to get and two paperclips, the bigger the better and if they are metal versus the plastic ones, even better. All you do is take a dollar and fold it into thirds and place one in a separate paper clip into the dollar, another one on the opposite side, clipping the dollars flaps together. But if I say some magic words and pull on the sides of the dollar and little blow on it and pull real hard that paperclips actually link in the air. This is called the linking paperclips using paper this size or a dollar and all you do to show you that how it is done, this is a magic trick that works automatically.

    First, you unlink the paperclips, show that they are separate, can the bigger the better, it is more visible. The metal paperclips you borrow, a dollar use your own and you are going to fold it in thirds in this manner. So, when you are looking at it, you see an S shape, S letter or a five. There is a top flap, the middle and a bottom flap. You can crease it. So again, let us fold it in thirds. You take the first separate paperclip and you are going to link or clip the way a clip is used on paper, the top flap to the middle and push it flush here all the way in.

    You now have loose, the bottom flap of your S that you made and you take that last paperclip. You are going to clip that bottom flap to the middle section and push it, flush. One clip is one the right side holding together the top flap in the middle, one clip is on the left side holding together the bottom flap to the middle and if you just again, you are showing how they are separate and you hold and pull both ends of that dollar bill and holding in this position as paperclips are pointing vertically, you pull on with more motion.

    It actually, will go higher or if you pull harder and that one went very far, very high and link and they link which seemed to be on their way up in flight, but it is actually linking as you are pulling the dollar, pulling the paperclips together, pushing in them together rather or they would link, but it comes out and off and shoots as if it linked in the air. That is the linking paperclips trick using a dollar bill. Thank you.