Magic Tricks – The Bag of Candy Trick Part 1

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Magician Tim Kottcamp demonstrates how to do a magic trick with a bag of candy.

    Tim Kottcamp

    Experience the evolving extravaganza of magic, illusion and theater that is TRICKS IN MOTION, performed by Tim Kottcamp – a show that may be customized for any audience or event. An enthusiastic and animated entertainer, Tim Kottcamp has always had a passion for magic, thrilling audiences of all ages for the last fifteen years. Featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine, Tim has performed amazing close-up and stage magic in numerous venues in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland, including restaurants, schools, libraries, community centers, parks, and convalescent homes. In addition to public appearances, he has provided sensational entertainment for private special events, including corporate functions, holiday gatherings and birthday parties for both children and adults.

    Hi, I am Tim, Tim's Tricks In Motion, my stage name. Now, I want to show you a magic trick with a paper bag. All you need is one of those brown lunch bags, hold it. You reach into the air and grab a piece of candy. Now, I really did. It is there because if I just give it a toss, I can catch it. I am so good at it, I grab it and throw it behind my back and catch it and I get a bunch of them even out of people's ears, I just grab a piece of candy and give it a toss and that is pure magic. Of course, if I am really magic, which I am, click my fingers, I make the candy disappear. Then of course, I just reach into the air and get some more.

    There is one again, behind my back and just get it catched right like that and get another one. Sometimes, I drop them, I take them up under the leg, a nice catch right there. Again, snap my fingers, make that candy disappear, but if I was a nice magician, I just do the crumble, say magic words, purple puppy chow and the candy reappears. I want to now show you how to create that candy trick with the brown paper bag.

    You need about five items including two brown paper bags. These are your typical lunch bags, brown paper bags, there is two of them, some glue, candy of course and a scissors. You need to take one of the bags and trim about two inches off the top which I have already done. So, it gives you a size comparison, take the one, trim about two inches of the top with your scissors, then you take the first long bag, open it up.

    These are great bags to use as they make a good sound for the candy appearing in the bag. When you have that opened up, take all the, some of your favorite candy, small pieces are better, just take a bunch of them, place them in the bag and I want to say, you have a layer of about two to three inches at the bottom of the bag. Colorful ones are best because they show up well when you produce the candy, there they are in the bag and I will show you.

    So, they layer, cause a layer. So, about an inch to two inches at the bottom of the bag and then you will take the second bag which has been prepared, the piece cut off the top and open that up and place that inside the first bag like so. You can see, it will conceal or hide the candy and it fits squarely, just by adjusting it and opening it fully, you will see. I will show you the inside which looks completely empty when it is in there correctly and that is what it looks like hiding the candy that is in there. Of course, you have to now glue that in place and you just take Elmer's glue is best and just put some around the top of the inner bag. You pull it up a little bit as you do a bead of glue across all sides of the bag like so. You do not need much, just a nice bead of glue across the top and then you push it down in so that second bag, the inner bag is just beneath the top bag a little bit and you glue and hold in place. Good way to do it is this way and it will dry pretty quickly. I like to create illusion of just one bag. Do that further, take scissors and cut away the second bag which is sort of a half circle they are showing. So, you are cutting a little bit of that inner bag that shows. Put that away and then it is, while it is drying, which happens pretty quickly. Again, this is what it looks like. It appears to be empty and then while that is drying, you can go ahead and put little slits with your scissors on either side of the bottom and this allows to be able to rip it to produce the candy when you say the magic words and have the candy return. I do that with the end of the scissors. Again, this is allowing for access to the candy and make a little slit on both sides there. You will see seams to be able to do that. Now, the bag is ready to go and after a little bit, after it dries. That is how you create the candy bag for this magic trick.