Magic Tricks – The Jumping Rubberband

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Magician Tim Kottcamp demonstrates how to do the jumping rubber band magic trick.

    Tim Kottcamp

    Experience the evolving extravaganza of magic, illusion and theater that is TRICKS IN MOTION, performed by Tim Kottcamp – a show that may be customized for any audience or event. An enthusiastic and animated entertainer, Tim Kottcamp has always had a passion for magic, thrilling audiences of all ages for the last fifteen years. Featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine, Tim has performed amazing close-up and stage magic in numerous venues in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland, including restaurants, schools, libraries, community centers, parks, and convalescent homes. In addition to public appearances, he has provided sensational entertainment for private special events, including corporate functions, holiday gatherings and birthday parties for both children and adults.

    Hi, I am Tim the magician, my stage name Tim's Tricks In Motion, serving magical entertainment in the greater Washington area and would like to now show you a magic trick with a rubber band. Pretty simple, all you do is place it over two smaller fingers, your pinky and your index finger. I have a green one so you can see it. As I place it around the smaller fingers, snap my fingers, blow it, blow on it, you will see it travels from the two smaller to the two larger fingers as if by magic.

    Now, I can go further by putting that backward is taking another rubber band, a red one, two different colors is best, say the magic words, secret magic words, snap my fingers and now the rubber band switch places, the red is now here, the green is around the two bigger fingers. The way that is done, I will show with one rubber band first. Pretty simple, yet deceiving. I will show you my palm before when you are showing it, you only show the back of the hand, but if I show you the palm and how I get into this I put it around the two smaller fingers and I pull and stretch it.

    So, I form a big, open area to place all the fingers except my thumb, all fingers go inside and I close that rubber band around the tips and thumb is not involved. That is what happens; nobody sees that because the hand is turned this way facing you. The audience only sees the rubber band as if it is around the smaller fingers, say some magic words or snap to do the magic and watch it travel from the smaller fingers to the other fingers.

    They are already there, it is almost halfway there rather because it is around those big fingers right there and when you shoot your fingers straight up, I will show you what it looks like from behind the scenes. It jumps over the two larger fingers because it is already there on the one side, the side that people can not see. Again, palm, place all fingers into that area you have made when you stretched it, tips of the fingers receive the rubber band, thumb not involved, turn it around, snap your fingers. It looks like it is only here and to really be sure no one seeing this, you could perhaps pull it closer to your body, snap your fingers to do the magic and shoot straight up and it just seems to pull it, rubber band onto the two other fingers like magic.

    Real quickly to do two rubber bands, the green, do a different color, red, same thing, you grab both of them. I am showing you the expose view, grab both of them, make that big area, put all fingers in between so, it receives it on the tips to fingers thumb not involved. That is what you do and if you shoot the fingers up, straight up in the air, the rubber bands switch places. Real quick, this is the expose view, grab one and grab the other. The green will now go back, make that big, put all fingers inside big areas, put it, rest it against the fingers.

    The green will now go back to this side; the red will go to that side. Snap your fingers, say some magic words, shoot your fingers out and it is a nice clean, usually a nice, clean transfer of rubber band. That is how you do the jumping rubber band trick using two of them. Thank you.