Magic Tricks – The Vanishing Coin Trick Part 2

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Magician Tim Kottcamp demonstrates how to do the vanishing coin magic trick.

    Tim Kottcamp

    Experience the evolving extravaganza of magic, illusion and theater that is TRICKS IN MOTION, performed by Tim Kottcamp – a show that may be customized for any audience or event. An enthusiastic and animated entertainer, Tim Kottcamp has always had a passion for magic, thrilling audiences of all ages for the last fifteen years. Featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine, Tim has performed amazing close-up and stage magic in numerous venues in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland, including restaurants, schools, libraries, community centers, parks, and convalescent homes. In addition to public appearances, he has provided sensational entertainment for private special events, including corporate functions, holiday gatherings and birthday parties for both children and adults.

    Hi, this is Tim. Tim's Tricks In Motion is my magic stage name. The phase where I return the quarter back to the person I borrowed it from is done this way, with the borrowed lollypop or a lollypop that you have and you actually prepare the lollypop before hand with another quarter by taping it to the lollypop on one side. Any tape will do, scotch tape or masking tape. I have some here, rip some off and make, have it to stick to itself just like that and it looks a little large, so I will rip that piece there to make it smaller.

    So, when you place it on the lollypop one side, it is directly in the center. So, the quarter that you already have, goes right over the top of it and covers it and sticks to the one side of the lollypop and after you vanish the borrowed quarter like we've previously done, you now want to produce this lollypop from your pocket, show to the people, maybe talk about what flavor, what color it is and then you want to actually, show that side again as if you are showing two sides, but you are really showing the same side. That way, you hide the quarter on the back, so and that is done with something known as the Paddle move in magic. As I go to show what looks like the other side, I really show the same side. Now, with slow motion the way that is done is I just really, as I flip, if I would flip to the other side, it would look like that which we do not want to do.

    As you are doing that bringing your hand up, bringing the other side up, you twist, one half turn and twist back showing that same side each time when you show the lollypop. Twist, twist back and then to reproduce the coin which looks like magic, I twist one half turn again, undercover of my other hand and the coin reappears like so, to be handed out to the person you borrowed the coin from.

    They have the lollypop and the coin to make an awesome magic trick and reappearance of their quarter. Of course, you have the quarter that you borrowed in your pocket. So, you break even. That is the vanishing quarter and lollypop trick.