Maintaining Your Paper Organization

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional Organizer Erin Young discusses about ways to maintain your paper organization.

    Erin Young: Hi! I am Erin Young. I am with Clutterbusters, and today weve been talking about ways to reduce the paper clutter in your home.

    Weve done a lot of hard work to sort through those papers and file them away. So, I am going to give you some tips that you can do in just minutes a day in order to maintain all that hard work that youve done. So, go ahead and grab a pencil and a piece of paper just to jot down some notes and well go ahead and get started.

    Now, in order to maintain all that beautiful filing and clutter-free space that youve created, all you need is a little motivation and a proactive mindset. Regular maintenance is the key, just like with your car, you just need a little time and little effort, and itll pay off in the long run.

    First, designate some time in your schedule weekly, bi-weekly, monthly whatever works just to devote to your paperwork. Also, pick one area at a time. If youve got paper all over the house, just pick one spot and deal with that and then worry about the rest later on another day. If you break it down into smaller bits for yourself like this, youll find that its easier to see one task through to completion and youll have a nice sense of accomplishment, and then itll be easier to move forward to the next task.

    Reward yourself for your hard work, have somebody come and help you, go hangout with your kids, whatever it takes, you can do it. It just takes a little bit of time.

    Hopefully, all these tips will help you to maintain all that nice clutter-free space that youve created in your house and to help you keep your files in order.