Maintaining Your Windows

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Eric Huber of Blaine Window Repair offers tips on keeping your windows in excellent repair.

    Eric Huber: Hi, my name is Eric Huber from Blaine Window Repair Service. Today, we are doing window repair. Now, I am going to show you some helpful tips to maintain and keep the windows operating smoothly. First thing you want to do is make sure the windows are clean. All of the tracks and moving parts you need to keep it free from dirt, spider webs and other outside debris. On a sliding window, once the track is cleaned up we need to keep them lubricated and you lubricate it with an all-purpose silicon spray. That helps to give the window an easy operation. You do not want to use a real heavy petroleum because that will attract to dirt and to do that, you just need a little bit, just spray it in the track on the bottom, you want to spray at the top and just work it back and forth. A lot of windows today, they have external weep holes. What the weep holes do is when it rains, the water does get down into the track but the weep holes allow the water to drain. You need to take a big or a small screwdriver and just make sure they are clean so the water doesn't build up and back up into your home.

    There is another window with the weep holes. This is an aluminum commercial grade window. You just need to make sure they are clean, the same with the tracks and lubrication. Now on this casement window all of the operating mechanism, you need to keep lubricated. On the bottom here you have the hinge slide-track and also the operating mechanism. You lubricate that up your side jambs and up to the top. There is also a track up at the top of the window, keep lubricated it as well. Work the silicon in. On your double hung window it would be the same process. Make sure all the sills are clean and you need to lubricate the jambs. Just spray a little bit on each side, close the window and do the same with the top and that's how to lubricate your windows and it helps give you years of maintenance-free operation.