Maintenance Disposal of old Wheels & Tires

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Automotive Expert Rick Robinson discusses maintenance disposal of old Wheels and Tires.

    Rick Robinson: Hi! This is Rick Robinson with Springfield Motorsport. We're here today to talk about selection and installation of custom wheels and tires for your car. Now we've just finished the installation process, got a nice new wheel mounted on the car. Now what do we do with this old one that we just took off? As you can see this one is a pretty descent wheel in it's all right, certainly it still has some value to it.

    Your choices are either to keep it yourself as a spare, in case you ever need to put it back on the car for some reason. To resell them, someone else could certainly get could use out of this or if you want to leave them with your installer and let him dispose off them for you.

    How would maintaining these new wheels? As I mentioned earlier, todays custom wheels have a clear coat finish on them to protect them from corrosion in the elements. You want to make sure that you take good care of that. You want to use good non abrasive cleaner whenever you're cleaning your wheels and use either a cotton teary cloth or one of these microfiber towels, to make sure you don't scratch up the surface. Wash them thoroughly, when you're watching your car and then use a cleaner and your towel to finish the job. They'll look great for years to come.

    As an example, let me give you a quick demonstration. I've got a low abrasive paste cleaner here. I'll use my microfiber towel, get the little bit on the towel, and then just clean that in a surface of to get all the smudges and the water spots off out. Simple as that, okay, that's a demonstration, we've covered all the tips on how to properly select new custom wheels and tires for your car. As you can see on this vehicle, it can dramatically change the look of your car.