Maintenance Musts For Your Vehicle

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    AAA discusses the most important forms of maintenance every vehicle will need and explains why you shouldn’t ignore it.

    John Nielsen: Everybody hates taking their car in for repairs, especially when small problems are easy to ignore, performing regular maintenance can save your money down the road. Here our common maintenance must that shouldn't be ignored. Now most newer vehicles require an oil change about every 5000 or 7500 miles, although more frequent oil changes are required if the vehicle is driven in severe conditions. Dirty oil with depleted additives does not lubricant well and could actually turn into sludge leading to engine damage that could require expensive repairs. So follow the oil change recommendations in the owner's manual for your vehicle in driving conditions. Now small chips in your windshield can turn into large cracks if not dealt with quickly, but quarterly chips can be filled with a plastic resin that will stabilize the glass and prevent a full-blown crack from forming. If the glass cracks the entire windshield will need to be replaced. So if you see just a small cracking of windshield, don't delay in getting it repaired. Paint damage can become in expanding cosmetic issue if left un-repaired, the metal exposed by the chips and scratches can rust, causing damage to spread. So have small paint imperfections touched up and sealed before more extensive and expensive repairs are needed. Now it's easy to ignore basic maintenance issues, but the longer you wait the worst the problem can become. So stay safe and avoid expensive repair bills down the road by being proactive about your preventative maintenance.