Make A Scarecrow

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Scarecrow expert Crystal Allison demonstrates how to make a scarecrow.

    Crystal Allison: I am going to show you how to make a basic scarecrow. The first step is to use pantyhose for the arms and the head, so about three quarters of the way down Ill tie a knot in each leg.

    Now I am going to stuff the pantyhose with straw, so you do want to fill the leg of the pantyhose completely up. I am ready to tie off the top of the pantyhose and I am simply going to make a knot in the way span of the pantyhose and put them into a long sleeve, but not short.

    Now I need to stuff the chest of my scarecrow. Im going to try and use the hay, so that itll make my scarecrow more rigid and give it more form. I think its about time to button the shirt of my scarecrow, but buttoning the top collar of the shirt your scarecrow now has a neck. Make sure that you have enough straw right next to the neck so that the head will not get floppy.

    Now we are going to build the lower half of the scarecrow and I am going to use a pair of pants, long pants that have belt loops. The belt loops will be important later on. Im going to take a piece of twine and tie the pant legs. If you want a scarecrow to be pretty sturdy, you need to stuff a lot of straw into that scarecrow, but I'm going to leave some room in the top because Im going to need to fit the upper body into the bottom of the scarecrow, so Im going to leave it open like this not fascinate and some room and then I will place the upper body.

    And the way Im going to do that is Im going to take the shirt tails of the shirt and tuck it as far in to the pants as I can get it. Now Im going to fasten the pants of my scarecrow and I'm ready to tie some pieces of twine to the front to belt loops need suspenders will hold my scarecrow together.

    Now, I am going to gently turn my scarecrow over because I dont want him to fall apart at this point and then I'm going to tie it to the back belt loop and at this point your string is long enough to cross your suspenders in the back. Then you want to put some pressure on this because you do want your scarecrow to stay together and to remember that the twine will stretch some as the days go on and you have this outside. Now, you have a basic scarecrow.