Make Caprese Style Chicken Breasts

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Amy Riolo discusses how to make a Caprese Style Chicken Breast.

    Amy Riolo: Hi! I am Chef Amy Riolo. Today, we are making Caprese Style Chicken Breasts with a Mixed Pepper Medley. So lets begin.

    The first thing that we will want to do is to put our large wide heat proof skillet onto medium to a medium-high heat and get the bottom really nice and hot. Once its heated through, we will add about a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. So what I am doing now? Because the pan is nice and hot, I am able to coat the bottom with the olive oil. Its releasing a nice perfume. And I can go ahead and add my chicken breasts.

    Now these are 2 chicken breasts which would be sliced in half to make them more thin and then pounded lightly to make them nice and thin like this. And you will get about 4 pieces doing that. I am going to keep my flame on medium and I will add my chicken breasts. We are just going to sear these on either side. Now I am going to add a few cloves of finely minced garlic. I am going to season it with some freshly ground pepper and a little bit of kosher salt. Kosher salt is nice because it has less sodium than regular salt. I am also going to add some crushed red chili flakes.

    Nowadays you can buy the chili flakes in these little containers that have the grinder right built into them. You can tell when the chicken breasts are ready, when they pull easily off. If they resist you a little bit, it means they are not quite ready to turn over yet. So we can leave them for just a second. So these are ready to turn over now. You can see that hardly takes any time at all because these are so nice and thin, they get cooked in about 5 minutes. But we are going to put them into our oven which is pre-heated at 425 degrees, just to be safe that they are cooked through.

    So what I am going to do now is I am going to add some lemon juice. Lemon juice gives us a great flavor, also a nice little shot of vitamin C in there. And as I do that, because our temperature is high, the lemon juice just gets absorbed right into the chicken and makes it nice and juicy. So if you have any concerns about chicken breasts being dry, this is a good recipe for you to try.

    Now I am going to add our other ingredients, like our chopped basil. You could add a few tablespoons of chopped basil or chopped oregano, either one taste delicious in this dish. Now this dish is called Caprese Style Chicken Breasts. And what Caprese means is that something which is from the Island of Capri in the Amalfi Coast of Italy. It would be called Caprese; you could have a Caprese Cake. We know in America, this is very popular, the Caprese Salad, which is that mixture of mozzarella cheese and tomatoes. So we are doing the Caprese right on top of our chicken breasts.

    So I am going to start by layering our thinly sliced Roma tomatoes and I am going to alternate that with our mozzarella di bufala. Now look how beautiful this mozzarella is. Bufala means buffalo in Italian. Traditionally, the mozzarella was made from fresh buffalo milk. The buffalos milk makes this mozzarella extra creamy and extra rich. So if you can find it, its really worth looking for. You are just alternating one slice against another, this is very free-form, you dont have to be exact. You want it to look nice, but more importantly, you really want it to taste nice. And it definitely will.

    You can imagine when we put this in the oven, its going to melt and just taste absolutely wonderful and its going to look great too. So we are going to continue layering our tomatoes and mozzarella pieces to dish that the whole family will love. It can prove that eating healthy is fun and tasty. So now that we are done layering our tomatoes and our mozzarella, I am going to top it with a little bit more of our fresh herbs. I am using oregano today, basil is traditional in the dish, but you can use whatever you have.

    Basil is actually very good for our health. So now that we are all layered up and ready to go, I am going to transfer the chicken into our oven. Its going to cook for about 5 or 10 minutes on 425 degrees, just until everything is melted and our tomatoes are cooked. Then we will be ready to serve it. So when we come back, we will make our sweet mixed pepper medley which is going to be the accompaniment for our Caprese Style Chicken Breasts.