Make Garden Mosquitoes Disappear

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Horticultural Specialist Mitch Baker shares tips on killing mosquito larvae and repelling mosquito adults so you can enjoy your outdoor living areas.
    Mitch Baker: Getting out in the garden during the summer heat can be a real challenge. Combine that with the mosquito infestation and you are likely to spend a lot less time in the garden. To avoid the hassle that mosquitos cause, be sure to apply a few preventive measures. Anywhere there is standing water, thats a breeding area for mosquito larvae. So, we can use mosquito dunks or mosquito bits, which are a concentrated form of naturally occurring soil bacteria, BT, applied to the water. This targets mosquito larvae only. Its harmless to all others forms of life, so you can use it in a fish pon, you can use it in a bird bath, very effective in controlling mosquito larvae. Now, for mosquito adults, usually we use the yard sprays with the foggers. This type of yard spray is really easy to use, because it comes in its own applicator. You just hook it up to your hose, and then you can spray this around the shrubbery or around the deck and the patio where mosquitos tend to hang out, and this repels them for several hours, even a couple of days if weather conditions are right. Remember, this is just a repellant; it doesnt kill anything. It just keeps the mosquitos at bay. We also have personal repellants that we can use. In 2005, the Centers of Disease Control in Atlanta started recommending the oil of lemon eucalyptus as a personal repellant, and you have to reapply this during the day to keep the mosquitos at bay, but its DEET-free and very effective for that length of time. Remember, the more mosquitos you have in your garden, the less time you are going to spend in your garden, but if you follow a few of these preventive tips, youll have your garden mosquito free in no time.