Make Garlic Confrit

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cooking expert Lauren Groveman demonstrates how to make garlic confrit.

    Lauren Groveman

    Lauren Groveman is an internationally-renowned cooking and baking instructor, trusted lifestyle advisor, radio and television personality, columnist, cookbook author—and above all else— an infinitely devoted wife and mother. Often referred to as “the kitchen evangelist,” she uses her vast culinary expertise and her personal experiences to help others discover the joys of creating, and living, a “delicious” life. Her message is powerful and truly life-changing. Through her sharing of wonderfully comforting recipes and a philosophy built on real-life experiences, she teaches us how to find the physical and emotional motivation to make our home lives as nurturing and fortifying as possible. And she demonstrates, step-by-step, how thoughtful, lovingly-prepared home cooking can give us immense power over the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of our families and ourselves.

    Surprisingly, Lauren did not grow up knowing her way around a kitchen. Her mother, a top New York fashion model, didn't cook. As an adult, Lauren first became eager to learn about cooking after meeting and falling in love with Jon, now her husband. “I somehow knew, in my heart, that just because I didn't grow up in a home that made shared family meals a priority, that didn't mean that I couldn't do it for my own family, once I had the opportunity,” says Lauren.  She remembers quite vividly, how way back in the beginning, when she didn’t “know a thing about cooking,” she would stare at her husband as he ate something as simple as a homemade tuna fish sandwich. “I’ve always loved how it feels to watch someone go from being hungry and wanting, to being satisfied and comforted by my cooking, “she says. “So, as an adult, I wanted to go deeper into cooking, so I could get deeper into that wonderful feeling.” She started playing with ingredients to make all kinds of dishes, staying with the most basic until she felt strong enough, as a cook, to venture into those recipes that required more skill. For Lauren, mastering the art of cooking, which started as a labor of love, continues to be a truly joyful and ever-expanding journey: “Because I wanted to make our life together as ‘homemade delicious’ as possible, as often as possible, I didn't mind practicing. I knew from past experiences in other areas that, eventually, I could grow as a cook, in both confidence and ability.  So, as someone who has gone from being a total novice in the kitchen, to someone who is now mentoring others, I know that if can do it; anyone can!”

    Forging her way through lots of self-proclaimed culinary mishaps over the years, Lauren came to understand not only the “whys and hows” behind many different culinary procedures, but also the very positive effects that rich aromas, soothing tastes, and the wonderful togetherness of home-cooked meals, had on her family. “This dimension gave my family a perfect way to build and maintain a true feeling of connectedness. I felt like I had stumbled onto a very important secret that I wanted to share with others.”  It was then, that Lauren found her true calling as a teacher. Whether she is talking on her weekly radio program, or writing a cookbook, or teaching in private and public cooking venues, it has become her life's work to teach others how to cook for  those they love, and create a home life filled with the comforting feelings of trust, safety and security.

    Lauren is the author of <a>Lauren Groveman's Kitchen: Nurturing Food for Family and Friends</a> (Chronicle Books), which has been called "a cooking school in itself" by Pierre Franey and "an invaluable source of information" by Jacques Pepin. Her newest cookbook, <a>The’ I Love to Cook’ Book: Rediscovering the Joy of Cooking for Family and Friends</a><a>,</a> is considered by many, to be their most effective and inspirational source of cooking instruction. (For more information, go to <a>Lauren’s Cookbooks</a><a>.)</a> In addition, she often appears as a “motivational lecturer,” speaking on ways to keep families (of all ages and lifestyles) cooking, baking and eating wholesome meals together, with more consistency.  Happily married, Lauren lives in Larchmont, NY with her husband Jon; her three wonderful children, Ben, Julie and Jessica; and Rosebud and Mango, two of the most loving yellow Labrador Retrievers!