Make Jewelry – Basic Earrings

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional crafter Sonya Kalian demonstrates how to make a pair of basic sterling silver leverback earrings.

    Hi, my name is Sonia Kalian, owner of Monkey Business Jewelry Designs, and were going to get started today making a pair of sterling silver leverback earrings, lets get started. The materials were going to be using today are sterling silver headpins. They are about an inch-and-a-half long, you can use longer ones, but the longer ones are more expensive. To attach our earring Im going to be using leverbacks. These sterling silver leverbacks are great for any age, and theyre simple to use. To make our earrings today I have a variety of components that were going to be playing with to make a pair of earrings. I have got some sterling silver findings. I have some beautiful kyanite blue stones, and some Swarovski crystals. Now that weave gone over some basic supplies, lets get started. First thing were going to do is were going to take our sterling silver headpin. Then were going to take our first component, which is the Swarovski crystal pink bead. Go ahead and thread that on the headpin. The next component in the pattern is the Swarovski crystal rondel. The next thing were going to add is this really pretty champagne colored Swarovski crystal. So, this is what we have got so far. We have got the design down. Now, we have to get our flat nose pliers. Take your flat nose, and put them all the way as close to the bead as you can. When youre doing that, dont go to the end with your pliers, kind of come back about an eighth of an inch. At this point all youre going to do is take the wire with your thumb and push it down to a right angle. This right angle is where youre going to start. At this point youre going to take your round nose pliers and youre going to take the bottom part of the plier, and put it right in the crease. At this point take your finger and put it underneath the headpin, and roll it toward you, youre making a perfect loop. Slide it out carefully, and then slide it back in on the lower jaw of the pliers. At this point what youre going to do is youre going to continue wrapping your loop all the way around. So, were going to take our thumb and wrap it around, just like that. After you have done that, take your flat nose again and grab on to that loop, so it doesnt change the -- you have got a perfect round shape here, you dont want to change that shape, so grab on to it real good. Then youre going to take your headpin, whats left over, and start wrapping around the wire, keep wrapping, and as youre wrapping make sure it's tight and from the top down, try not to leave any spaces. If you find that you do have a space, it's easy to fix, what you can do is take your beads and gingerly push it down to close that gap. So, keep wrapping all the way around until you get to your bead. When you cant go anymore, you have got this little piece of headpin left, we dont need it, so were going to take our wire cutters here, and were going to just snip that off. Go ahead and cut off your piece of wire, thats what youre left with, thats trash, and youre left with your earrings. But were not finished yet, what you can do is you take position number two on your crimping tool, and you gently give it a little squeeze in a round motion to tuck that piece of wire underneath, and it's real clean. So, there you are, its your finish component here, and were going to attach it to the earrings now. When you have your leverbacks, the loop where youre going to attach your earring is cut, all you had to do to attach it is, with your flat nose pliers, grab on to the end, and right before you see the slice, just slightly move it to open that door, to let the earring go in. Take your earring, of course where the seam is you want that to be in the back of the earring, just for aesthetics, slide that in, and with your pliers close the door. Just give it a little squish, just tighten it up a little bit so it looks good. There you are, you have your perfect pair of earrings that you made yourself.

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