Make Paper -Checking for Flaws

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Craft expert Gretchen Schermerhorn demonstrates how to make paper and how to check paper for flaws.

    Gretchen Schermerhorn: Hi, I am Gretchen from Pyramid Atlantic and today we are learning about hand paper making from old blue jeans and we have just finished unloading the drying box and now I am going to take out the dry sheets of paper and see what we have and also check those sheets of paper for any flaws or maybe the sheet wasn't very well formed or just things that we generally want to take out of a batch of good quality paper. So let's see what we have. Nice, well-formed, nice sound, we call that a rattle and doesn't seem to be any evident flaws on here, but if there are, sometimes we can pick those off, sometimes though you just have to set it aside and it didn't make the cut and you can recycle it again. You can pulp this paper again. Now we talked about today making paper from blue jeans which of course are cotton which is cellular, but you can really make paper out of just about any kind of plant materials. Of course, some work better than others, we found, but here are some sheets of paper that we made from agave, nice, crisp texture and rattle. This is made from flax and this one is made from cattail. That's a little bit softer than the others. Some of the papers are more translucent, you can see more light comes through them like this one. This one is Kozo fiber and some of them even have what we call watermarks and this one has a - the light can pass through it. So it is all pretty interesting. Well, I have enjoyed showing you today a little bit about the fine art of hand paper making. I hope that you found it useful and I hope that if you enjoyed watching this, you might try to find some facilities near where you live and learn a little bit more about making paper. Alright, thanks.