Make The Best Use Of Storage Space

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home design expert Sherry Tyra demonstrates how to take advantage of all the possible storage locations in your home.

    Sherry Tyra: We all complain about not having enough storage space in our homes. Well, I am going to show you some secret places that you may not be using.

    1First, doors around the house are great opportunities to store and organize. A kitchen cabinet door can store spices. Shoe racks on closet doors allow you to organize all your loose shoes. In the bathroom hooks provide a place to hang robs and towels for easy access.

    Another great spot is under the bed. There are many storage containers available that are designed to fit underneath. Bed risers will allow you to raise the height of your bed a bit, allowing for additional space.

    As a general tip, always try to use your vertical space. In the closet, try a shelving unit that hangs from the rod to the floor. It will allow you to store dozen garments in the same space that you could only accommodate four or five on hangers. Multiple garment hangers triple your closet space as well.

    Another smart idea is to look for items that do double duty. This bed side table and the bench at the end of the bed provide hidden storage.

    This picture frame doubles as a jewelry box. You might even consider storing out of season items in the suitcase you aren't using since it will be taking up space anyway.

    Look around, each home has its own unique features that you can maximize. You might be surprised that how much storage you have when you find creative uses for available space.