Makeup – Apply Eye Makeup like Rihanna

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to apply eye makeup like Rihanna.

    Angela Smith: Hello, my name is Angela Smith and this is Karla, and I am going to show you how to achieve Rihanna's Smoky Eye look. First you are going to need a eyeliner pencil and we are going to do the top lid and we are going to do the bottom lid to set the foundation for the smoky eyes. So that you don't mess up any other makeup that's on the face, you are going to want cotton pads to secure any surface that you may touch. Whether it would be your pressing against the skin, or lifting the eye and trying to get to the eyelid. Start at the outer part of the eye and work your way outward and up. Upward stroke and outward. Then we will work towards the middle. Don't take that pad and swipe it across because then you are going to mess up your work. So you are going to take that pad and hold the eye, lift it up a little bit if you need to. I am just working towards the center. If you mess a little bit, don't worry you can always clean it up. So then the bottom area, you are just going to hold the lid and you are going to start just like you did on the top. You are going to start on the outer part, work your way to the middle. If you mess up and put too much on down the bottom, not a problem, you can always clean that up, and go to the inner corner and dab, dab, dab and there you go for that part.

    Now you are going to need a shadow, a dark shadow. Preferably black but if you are into blue tones or dark green tones, prefer little bit of that shiny glossy stuff to it, then that's a preferably what you will want to use. You need a brush, a slim brush and you will just dab it on like so. You don't want any excess falling off, so you will want to dab it, do not blow, just dab. And you just tap it on the lid where you just applied the eyeliner. You don't want to kind of go all over the place with it. This helps set the -- this sets your work just like the foundation did. This just helps to set it so it doesn't wear off through the evening. You don't want to get too close to the inner part of the eye because you don't want to start to tear up and then it ruins and then you look crazy. So just be mindful of that. Another thing that I want to mention, for people who have a sagging eye or the lid that comes down you have to -- don't press against the skin, try to hold it up or anything, once that initial application has been set, afterwards you will want to dab your brush as so and you will just dab it, going in a upward motion a little, just to add a little youth to the eye. You want to coat the eye with a light shadow before you begin any other work. It will just set the foundation and it will leave a beautiful eyelid. You just start from the inner part, you don't want to mess over the part that you just completed. So you try to do the part down there first so that you can keep in mind that you are working with a delicate area that may smudge into the other areas and possibly ruining your work and make you look crazy in the process. What this does is actually gives a little brightness to the eye because you did add all that darkness to it.

    You are going to take that blush, which we are using as a shadow and you are going to apply it to the middle of the eye, like so and smooth up. You try to stay focused on the middle of the eye. Here is the nice finished touch so when you add your blush, it will just light your whole face up. You will take your bigger brush on the other end and just blend a little. Next I like to keep my little eyebrow pencil really short because I like a lot of control and if you like control you might want to do the same thing. We are going to do -- we are going to fill in her brows. A lot of people like to use the brow brush, separator and a lash separator, but I tend to like to use a brush, a thin brush that you use to apply the eye makeup, the dark eye makeup. You can take that brush and just smooth it right on in there and there you go. We are on this eye and we will come back, once I have completed the next eye, we will come back and we will show you how to apply the blush as well as the lipstick for Rihanna's look.