Makeup – Face Prep for Rihanna’s Makeup

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to prep your face for Rihanna’s makeup.

    Angela Smith: Hello, my name is Angela Smith and this is Karla, and today I am going to show you how to achieve Rihanna's makeup. So what we are going to start off with is some sanitizer because you don't want to touch your face without having clean hands. It can break out your skin, it can give you blackheads overall, which is just nasty.

    We will take a little bit of lotion, some face cream, something like -- and we are going to apply it to Karla's face, just so that there are no dry spots that may crack. When applying the makeup you want a smooth surface. Be careful around the eye area, we really pretty much want to dab it on without leaving a lot of a moisture. You don't want to over apply it because it's wet and it's gooky and its hard to apply anything else. Next what I am going to show you is this my little secret, a Smashbox and it's Photo Finish. It's so great. If you have uneven surfaces on your skin, if you have a little rough areas on your skin, or if you have a little bit defined pores or anything, it will help conceal those and give you a smooth surface to work with. So we will just apply that as we did the moisturizer except we want to make sure it's really quite even. After that's done you want to put a concealer on. I tend to like to use my fingers maybe it's the ring finger, it's the most delicate finger for the face. You just take a little of it and you dab it underneath for the eyes first and since we do have that Smashbox on, it will go on quite smoothly without any difficulty, without having to pull the skin. You just make sure that you smooth it all the way down so it kind of blends in with everything. You dab it on the eyes because it will slide. Let me see. Karla is a little dark down here, so I am just going to place a little bit of concealer down there. Now we are ready for a foundation. I am going to put two different colors on the palette because barely does one concealer cover all areas of the face evenly and you will just blend until you get the right color for your skin tone and you can actually use the whole ring finger when you are actually working it all in. We are going to continue to do this across the entire face and when we come back we will show you the finished look of the foundation application. So now we have finished the foundation and I am going to show you how to set it. You will need a powder foundation just to conceal and set the work. You are just going to take it 800 or 900 and just brush it up. Brush it up into the hairline so that it doesn't appear to be unnatural. Do you strokes upward. We are going to start down towards the neckline so that everything appears to be natural and all flows together. Careful around the eye and when we are done with this, we will come back and I will show you how to give the Rihanna eyes.