Makeup – How to Create Rihanna’s Look

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show you how to create a look like Rihanna.

    Angela Smith: Hello, my name is Angela and this is Karla and I have just finished with Karla's smoky Rihanna eyes and next I am going to show you the final touches, her blush and the lipstick. With the blush, sometimes you may need a little bit of contouring around the bone structure to make it little bit more narrow. So something like a little bronze will do the trick, just to narrow out that area and you can bring it in towards the bone area, the cheek bone area like around the jaw bone to minimize that place a little over there and add a little bit more definition to the cheek area from the nose out to the ear area, you will just want to curve it around, but not so much into the nose area, maybe like half middle of the eye toward up, and then from the middle eye on down to the temple area, like so.

    Here use a different brush for your blush and today we are going to use a peachy tone like Rihanna's. But since we are working on darker skin tone -- when you are working on darker skin tones you may want to use something more like a cream or so forth just to add a little shine to the skin. So first we are just going to add a little cream just to give it a little bit more depth. And we will just pat that in and your blush will actually set the tone for the whole face, it brings everything together. Brings the eyes together and you will want to blend that with your hand. If you use a sponge like a makeup sponge sometimes they don't work as well, I tend to find. See that beautiful finish there. So now what we are going to do is set that and also add a little softness to the blush tone area with a little peach like a light type of peach. We are just going to stroke up, you can add a little bit over the nose, just gives a little glow and a little bit at the chin and on the forehead and see that beautiful finish. Now that we have completed the blush, I am going to show you how to get Rihanna's lips. She normally goes with a more natural tone and you will want to clean up the lips with Q-tips that you have. And what I am doing is I am just lining the outer line of the lip just to create depth. So when you get to the middle, it has more of a natural tone. Then I am going to go with sort of a peachy tone that we have on the eyelids as well as we do on the cheeks. Now I am just going to add it to the inner, you will wipe for any excess and then you blend so you don't get that awkward look. I am just going to clean up a little with my Q-tip. You want to make sure that you get all the excess that's surrounding the lip area because if not it will look a little funny. So with the hair and the makeup like Rihanna's this is the final look. I want to thank you for tuning in, thank you for watching and you have a great day.