Making a Chinese Box Wedding Favor

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding favor designer Kristin Crosby demonstrates how to make a Chinese box wedding favor.

    Kristin Crosby: Hi I am Kristin from I Do Wedding Essentials in Leesburg, Virginia and today, we are learning how to make wedding favors. Right now, we are going to make an inexpensive favor with a Chinese takeout box and some candy. These wedding favors are really inexpensive. They usually run between a dollar-fifty and two dollars a piece. It's important to remember though when you picking out a box. Most of them come from packaging supply places or wedding supply places like mine or craft stores. If you really want the plastic you are going to pay about 50% more for it. They are really cute and you can see through them, but if you are trying to keep budget conscious, it's great to use the paper. They come in a million different colors and like I said, about 50% cheaper than something that's plastic.

    So right now, we are just going to make a simple favor that I usually make for photographers to get the clients. I usually put a business card in, but we are just going to take some really cheap candy and since I mail these out, I use just hard candies, so that I don't want them to melt when I am shipping them. So I am just going to pack this up, and again, you want to pack it up, so people feel like they are getting a nice full favor. Then we will just fold it and once you put together enough of these you will be able to get the tops in about two seconds done. Sometimes people fumble with the tops a little.

    Then we will take a ribbon. I usually get a nice satin ribbon. If you are doing a lot of wedding favors, it's really good to get bulk ribbon because you can get 100 yards of it for probably as much as you could get of ten yards at some craft store. So it might be worthwhile to ask your wedding supplier about getting bulk ribbon for you if you have got a lot of favors to make.

    Usually, for these boxes you will need about 22 to 24 inches of ribbon to tie a decent bow and the satin really is the best thing you use because it's nice and soft and not too papery. So I am just going to fold it and I twist it to make it stay, since I don't have a third arm to hold the bow there and if I can get the ribbon through -- get just enough to make a nice little bow and I'll cut this piece off to make it even and usually what I do is after I have tied one, even if it's on a different type of favor box, I will take the ribbon off and I will use that to cut all the rest of my ribbons for rest of my boxes. Just an easy way to do it really quickly and have it measured perfectly. I am just going to use my logo and I am just going to put it right in the middle, on top of the ribbon, so it will kind of hold that ribbon in place and adjust it up a little bit. So I have just made an inexpensive Chinese takeout wedding favor box.

    Next, I will be making a non-candy wedding favor that's inexpensive also.