Making a Paint Can Gift Basket

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wrapping expert Christina Crawford demonstrates how to use a paint can to wrap a gift.

    Christina Crawford

    With over 12 years of stamping and craft experience, I've learned that one thing is for certain...there is always something new to create and share. As a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, I've been recognized as one of the top demonstrators of the year each of my 11 years with the company. This is attributed to my wonderful customers and exciting and talented stamping team. I also give thanks to the stamping industry's fresh art designs and products. Stamping is great for those with little time (you can create something beautiful in minutes!), for those with tight budgets (making cards saves money over buying cards), and for those of all ages. I've enjoyed demonstrating many stamping techniques to thousands of people in workshops, stamp camps, and at several conventions. It is always my desire to show something fun and new. I love to tell new stampers that I am a former tax accountant. Everyone has a level of creativity, some more than others. With stamps, anyone can create gorgeous and simple projects! I am a great model of "if I can do this, so can you." Enjoy and Have Fun!

    Christina Crawford: I am Christina Crawford, I am Stamping Up! Demonstrator, I been stamping for a long time and this is a wrapping video and what I would like to show you in this wrapping video is, how you can turn a paint can in to a great gift pack. Wherever you can buy paint locally, go in there usually they sell empty paint cans and they come in different sizes. Right now we are going to use a big paint can and what I have done is, I put some rubbers cement on it already and that s going to hold the card stock I am going to put on it. What I am going to start out with is a piece of card stock and this has some texture on it and it almost looks like material and the size is seven-and-a-quarter by twelve and you need to have two of these.

    What I have done is I have taken my paint can and I popped off the hinge, now I just forego right back on when you are finished and I taken an index card and I wanted to gauge where that is, because of course it sticks out and your can t put something flat down on top up that. First all, you want to put the handle back in . So, once I came up with that guide and I saw that that was a better quater of an inch off, I match that up to my card stock about a quarter of an inch down and I took my circle punch and use that as a guide and right back over and punched and then you take the same thing just flip it around and do the same thing and this is why you need two pieces because one piece will go round the front of the pail and the other will go right around the bottom. Its nice to have this great -- this little guide here because then you can use it if you are going to make more and really if you are going to sit down and make a project make more than one, because its so easy to duplicate and than you have two instead of one you can keep one for yourself or use it for a gift later.

    Just match that around the paint can to make sure that you are happy with it and then when you arcs is it might need a little bit more punched -- punching, then go ahead and stamp the paper. So, let me show you how I did this, I did it in advance but I am going to quickly show you how you can use the real stamping we are doing that a lot with the wrapping video, we have lots of wheel stamping, lots of regular stamping but here is a jumbo stamp, if you ink that up, the only think you really need to hold is the ink pad. Keep that stamp down and this is a beautiful brocade stamp, it s a very popular and this is the trend right now. You will see it everywhere, you go into all the stores and you are going to see bracket on cloths, placaemats, wrapping paper that s very expensive by the way, so its nice to make your own and you are going to inked that all up and instead of lifting it up just stamp down, you are going to put the paper on top of it. So, I want to show you a little tip here because this is what s going to be easy if you want to do something like this.

    Now, put your paper down on top of it, take some scrap paper, hold on that and with one hand keep it steady, and with the other hand push it down. Just press it right down; I don t want to say the word iron, but it almost like you are ironing, because I don t like to iron but sometimes we have to do it, right?

    Then after you have that you lift it up, you will have your brocade image. You are going to ink the stamp up again and next time you know really -- how do I know where to put that down again. Well I take a little pencil and you could see through it and just make a little mark right there and then when you put it down the second time you are going to put it down right by that mark. It s pretty simple you know with everything practice makes perfect, so you do that a few times and you will going in, here forego, you can see if you look closely that it looks like it has been stamped up material but that is the texture paper, its so cool. I mean if you really want nice dark look then you don t want to use the texture paper and after you have the first one all punched down on the side, just match it up. You could use that one as a guide and in this way you know that its even and I flip that paper up a bit but you may have seen that I took a piece of black card stock and just tuck it down at the bottom and that s just really to do a couple of things.

    As use here the stamp only goes so far down, so I could probably match it and stamp it, but it just as easy to put some black paint around it and that will be just easy enough and what I done is I have taken some sticky strip and I put that on there you just peel off the other side of the sticky strip and you stick that right below. If there is little bit left over, you can just cut that and I think I have a little bit of that around this one too, cut that. You know what kids like to do this, my girls just have so much fun decorating different pails and I know that you can do different things if you wanted to do baby gifts you can put different baby gifts in the pail. What I am going to do with this one is, put a little bit of sparkling cider and two champagne flutes it makes a great gift.

    Anytime in anniversary, New Years, special occasion, just for the fun of it, thinking of you, thinking of you, here s some sparkling apple cider and couple of champagne flutes and once you have that -- this sticky strip is so tight so make sure you can wrap that evenly because once that stuff is on its going to hold your card stock down pretty sharp. You can just match that up and stick it down you might want to go back over and put a little bit more tape there if you need to and just roll it over and now go back over and just a minute it kind a tied it up again. You want to make sure that you have got that nice and flash and you can use a little bit of tape, you can use little bit more sticky strip with that, and then the handle will go back on and then after you have got your paper done and of course up prospected I have got some black tissue paper and just to do a punch of color a little bit of red tissue paper inside there, I think that red looks great if the black and white brocade, squall is a very popular too, we have got a little bit of sparkling cider and we have a couple of champagne flutes. I guess they are going to be sparkling cider flutes and that goes of right inside and of course being very generous with the tissue paper because its glass and we can just put that right inside of there. The next thing I would like to show you is how to wrap a CD in a very fun way.