Making a Save the Date Wedding Card

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Craft expert Christina Crawford demonstrates how to make a save the date wedding card.

    Christina Crawford: Hi! I am Christina Crawford. I have been a Stampin' Up demonstrator for 12 years now and this video is how to create wedding invitations on a budget. This clip is on how to create a Save the Date Card for your wedding. Wedding announcements go back to the 1600's and the European monks started doing those because they were experts with calligraphy and it became a tradition. Fortunately today you don't have to be an expert with calligraphy to create a wedding announcements, Save the Date Cards. Save the Date Cards just became pretty traditional recently, I would probably say in the last decade or two and so let me show you how to do that. And the reason why they are important is because people are so busy today and this will actually say, Hey! Save the date, I am getting married on this particular date, don't make any other plans.

    So the first thing to do is to come with the colors scheme, what are the colors that you are working with at your wedding? What kind of dresses are the girls going to be wearing? What kind of flowers? Is it a beach theme? Is it a holiday theme? So think about your colors. Once you have your colors set then go ahead and get some beautiful card stock ready and with the Save the Date Card, it can be a post card, it doesn't actually have to be a card. So what I have done is I have taken some beach color and this is a really pretty pumpkin pie and I am going to just take some of my adhesive here. This is the Dotto adhesive. It is repositionable so if you happened to put it down and you need to pick it up to straighten it, you can do that. Then next color is a beautiful soft sky and there is a little bit of texture to it, just to give it a little bit more like a touch of elegance. So isn't that easy? And these are the colors that I am going to be working with. Next it's great to have all of your information printed out on some card stock and you can do that very easy on your computer, if you have one, on the printer. And you can probably print out about six of these and what I have done, let me show you really quick is that I have added some sea shells at the very bottom. So I am going to take a stamp and just ink it up, I will add one more on the end end, so you could see what I have done and I have some sea shells just going across the bottom.

    What it does is, it kind of creates the theme, it brings into the colors, colors of the event and also it's very eye-catching and you want to do that because if your announcements match this then the favors match it, everybody will remember that this is your special day. Next I stick that adhesive and I put all that information right on the front and if you want a really great idea take a business card magnate, you can get these at any office supply store and just cut up a little bit of piece. Usually they are already self adhesive just peel that off and stick it right on the back and when these arrive in the mail, they person opens that up, they can stick it right on the refrigerator, so they will be sure to save the date. Thank you, now watch the next clip because I have another Save the Date idea and somethings that you might be getting in the mail to spur your creativity, so watch that thing.