Making A Sorbet Freeze

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Frozen dessert expert Marsha Keshani demonstrates how to make a sorbet freeze.

    Marsha Keshani: Hi, I am Marsha from Maxs Best Homemade Ice-cream in Washington DC. We are now making a Sorbet Freeze. We are using Blueberry Sorbet. We used about three huge scoops of it. Sorbet is a non-dairy product. It's like an Italian Ice, which is fat free, cholesterol free.

    With your sorbet you add about four or five ounces of Club Soda. You will blend this until it's frozen, approximately 35-40 seconds at this point. You have got your Sorbet Freeze like I said which is fat free, cholesterol free and has no dairy products in it. Next I will be showing you how to make a black and white shake.