Making an Easter Egg Diorama

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Karen Kormondy of Ipso Crafto shows how to create a festive decoration with an Easter egg diorama.

    Karen Kormondy: Hi, my name is Karen Kormondy with Ipso Crafto in Washington D.

    C. and today, I am showing you how to decorate Easter eggs. In this video clip we are going to be egg dioramas out of eggshells that had a part of their shell removed as well as all of the yolk and egg white and it's a very easy process and it makes a very delicate little ornament that you can use for either Easter or even make Christmas ornaments out of, but today, we will show you how to make an Easter themed one. So the supplies you might need are a nail, just a like we used in the blowing out of the egg segment, a regular uncooked egg and also ribbon or some trim to cover up this jagged edges of the egg and whatever little things you want to put into the egg. You can use miniatures, you can use sculptures of clay that you have made out of polymer clay say and just various little things, maybe even a little sugar candy or something like that because this is going to be something that's preserved and you can have it for years and years to come.

    So to start out with just like with the egg blowing out you want to make a little hole into the egg and with this one, you can put the hole wherever you want to. You can put it in the middle like this. This is going to be more of a landscape orientation or you can make a hole like this which is more of a portrait orientation or you can do in a regular one like this, which should be pretty interesting to see how -- what kind of little scene we could put in this one with the end of the egg removed. So, try to find a weak spot in here to make it easier and then you are just going to slowly break away the eggshell.

    I like to work on the edge of the hole that's already been made and just keep collapsing it in and you are going to be making a pretty sizable hole and this is probably the messiest part because there is little bits of eggshell and of course, yolk is going to be running out and you just want to carefully make the hole and make sure the membrane is all breaking up and then try to get as much as you can out of here and then of course, as always with raw egg you want to observe proper food safety so you want to make sure that after this is all finished you wash your hands very well with soap and hot water because of all the bacteria that can be contained in raw egg and you also want to rinse out the egg and let it dry overnight to make sure that all of the white and egg yolk is officially out of there and then after it's dried you are going to have a nice, little hole and a clean eggshell and you can continue breaking up the little pieces of the egg, but I wouldn't recommend going too crazy because these holes get very large very quickly.

    So then you start by finishing off the edge of the eggshell by just using a little bit of glue. Any white glue will probably do. You want to use somewhat strong glue or you can also use hot glue which I don't recommend if you are using it around children because things can get a little bit, just a little bit crazy. So you are just going to take your ribbon or trim and just lay it on there and then slowly curve it around making sure that there is good adhesion with all of the glue and most of these chord ribbons that you can find in craft stores are meant to curve around a hole or like a round object like this. So it will be pretty easy to just bend it around the hole and then you just want to take it and clip it on the end and then probably, put a little bit more glue. Luckily, this stuff dries clear so you do not have to worry about putting too much because you will probably won't be able to see it once it's dried and then just keep pressing it in until it's set basically and then you are going to have this little frame to work with and then you can put different things inside of it.

    For instance, I am going to fill up most of the bottom with the piece of torn-up tissue paper or you could also use polyfill or any different stuffing, whatever you have at hand maybe even Easter grass, that cellophane stuff that you get in your Easter basket and I am just putting some glue in there to set my tissue. You basically want to stick to using light objects especially if you are going to be making this into a hanging ornament because if it's too heavy, it will too much strain on the eggshell. So, you just want to keep it light and use a paintbrush to move the glue around and set your tissue or polyfill in there and now you have a nice little base to have a little scene in there. You can also put maybe some colored tissue paper for the scene, just crinkle it up and again, you would put glue in there. Just set it down and then also any little miniature that you come across. You can get those at craft stores, hobby stores, even toy stores have the little tiny things and you can just put like a little doodad in there maybe a chick or a little rabbit or maybe just some flowers and then you have a great little Easter ornament with a little scene inside which is always special for little ones to look into and they can just make up little stories about it or whatever and so that's a really fun little project. Next in our videos, we will be showing you how to make sequined eggs out of Styrofoam. So stay tuned for that.