Making an Expensive Coffee-Themed Wedding Favor

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding favor designer Kristin Crosby demonstrates how to make an expensive coffee-themed wedding favor.

    Kristin Crosby: Hi! My name is Kristin from I Do Wedding Essentials in Leesburg, Virginia and today, we are learning how to make wedding favors. Right now, we are going to make a fairly more expensive favor per person. It's going to run you about $5.50 to $6 a piece, but it's great if you are doing a coffee themed wedding or even just if your wedding colors are maybe pink and brown or brown and some other color, it's really a cute favor. So we are going to start with just a little espresso cup with a saucer and this comes from wedding suppliers like myself. It's really made exclusively to be a wedding favor, but I am sure you could find espresso cups and saucers at any other home goods store if you wanted to do that.

    So we got this; I am going to use this cheap little cone shaped cello bag and I am going to cheat and just kind of tape at the end of it. The reason why I like this bag, is it's super, super inexpensive. They come in about packs of a hundred from different packaging suppliers, so you have to ask your local wedding supplier if they could get them for you. I am sure they can or you might be able to find them on the internet. They are just called cello cone bags and I keep the bottom so that they fit really nicely in the cup since the cup is tiny and we are just going to fill some coffee beans to start with, just a little bit and use whole beans. You could probably use grounds, but it's going to be kind of messy with grounds and whole beans give it a nice affect. It looks really cute.

    I am just going to shove in that in there and I have got some biscotti, you can get that at any grocery store or the more fancy you want to get, the more fancy you can get. You can get specialty biscotti, you can get it dipped with chocolate, of course, it's going to raise price a little bit, so just keep that in mind. It's not got that dug in there; we are going to add more beans till maybe it's about halfway up on the biscotti and even that though most people probably can't grind their own beans, it's okay; fill it with biscotti and the beans will just look cute. So really don't worry about getting expensive coffee beans because chances are most people are not going to use it to drink.

    So we have got that nice and full. I am just going to take some ribbon, tie a little bow on it and since pink and brown is so popular, we are going to do a pale pink ribbon for this one and just get a little bow on there and I think we will leave it nice and long. So, this is a pretty much we are going to have as our finished product. Now, these you can put on each plate setting. I'll recommend probably putting it right smacked up in the middle of the plate. You could put it at the top of the plate setting if you have room, depends on what your silverware is, sometimes you got an extra spoon or fork up there that might getting your way, but it's a really cute favor for people to sit down and see. Oh! This is my favor for the wedding and people are usually giving nice gifts; it's a nice thing that they can take home and eat and enjoy, so it's a really, really nice wedding favor that people are going to appreciate.

    But, if you don't want to put your wedding favors on your tables, if you think you've already got too much going on or maybe a favor doesn't quite exactly match your table, you can always place them somewhere near your guest book. I would probably get the planner or the site manager to do that. Oh! I don't know maybe like an hour before you think guest are going to start leaving your reception, so that as they walk out they are going to be right there at that table, near the exit and just all lined up in lines and they will pick them as they go. If it's something expensive like this, you might want to put a little note out saying, please everyone take one because if it's something big guest might think that they are only supposed to take one per couple. Maybe, you do only per couple, but the nicer way to put that is to say, every lady to take a favor or something like that instead of just saying one per couple please, makes it sound a little bit cheaper. Again, you can put your wedding favors anywhere and we have just made a nice little coffee themed favor. It's a little more pricy, but something your guest will definitely appreciate and this is the last favor for making in our series today. I hope you have gotten some good ideas as you can tell wedding favors are easy; you can do them in a wide variety of colors and styles and prices, but it's definitely something you can do yourself and good luck with your wedding.