Making an Inexpensive Candy Wedding Favor

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding favor designer Kristin Crosby demonstrates how to make an inexpensive candy favor for your wedding.

    Kristin Crosby: Hi! I am Kristin from I Do Wedding Essentials in downtown Leesburg, Virginia and today, we are learning how to make wedding favors. First, we are going to make an inexpensive favor with candy and what I recommend to all of my brides when they are budget conscious is to use these cello bags. You can get them from many different suppliers. They come in different sizes, many different colors and patterns and they are super cheap; you can get them in packs of a hundred and it's really great when you are trying to stick to a budget.

    Today, we are just going to use some toffee that I got at a really good price online and we are just going to use it with the cello bags. So all you want to do is take your cello bag, load it with plenty of the toffee. It's great when you can use a tummy candy, people feel like they are getting a lot, even though it's really inexpensive and of course, the bigger the candy the better. So we will just stick the candy in there, get a nice one piece of ribbon. If you are only using this much ribbon, you can get your ribbon at some place like Michael's. So I am just going to turn it around the corner, tie a little knot and tie a bow and then I'll adjust it a little bit and probably -- I leave it nice and small. So you got this huge favor. People think they are getting a lot, but price wise, this is going to cost less per person. So that's how to make an inexpensive wedding favor with candy. Remember though, that candy can get really expensive in bulk. I usually purchase online because if you try to get them all, so it's super expensive. You need to think about really what month you are getting married, whether or not you are going to have to express it, if it's warmer weather out, or if you want chocolates versus hard candy because of course, you are going to have to always express chocolates, so it doesn't melt and keep in mind that usually, the smaller the candy, the more expensive and the mini ones can get really pricy, but some of the bigger things like mints and toffee like that can be pretty inexpensive. So always keep that in mind. Just because it's candy doesn't mean that it's going to be cheap; that because it is in bulk, it doesn't mean, it's going to be cheap. So next, we are going to make another pretty inexpensive wedding favor using a Chinese takeout box and some candy.