Making Baby Announcements

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Craft expert Christina Crawford demonstrates how to make baby announcements.

    Christina Crawford: Hi! I am Christina Crawford and this video is titled How to Make Create Great Adorable Baby Invitations and Announcements. Right now, I am going to show how to make great baby announcement. These days sometimes people know it's going to be pink or blue. So if that is you and you know if you are having a boy or a girl then you can go ahead and get start with whatever color scheme you want, traditionally blue for boy, pink for girl. So we will do ahead and get started with those color schemes because this is basically knowing if you are having a boy or a girl. Definitely those months, it is good to stay busy, so one of the best things to do is go ahead and get your baby announcements ready. You can start creating those even if you don't have a picture. So go ahead and start planning that. And here is one idea that is very popular. My friend Jamie had created this a couple of years ago and her adorable little girl was born and it's just so sweet. So first, you are going to start of, again it's a little bit handy to print of the information that you need on your computer. And the card stock here is eight half by eleven and that is your pretty much traditional sized card stock. Once you have that measured and where you want the information to go you are going to ahead and just cut that right down in half. You can go ahead and size it. So actually what I have done is I wanted to make a cuter smaller invitation, so you could see the size here -- let me use the pink one, so you could see the difference. I actually went ahead and I even trimmed it down a little bit smaller so you can make it a traditional size or you can make it smaller, it's up to you. With this particular dimension I went ahead and after I got all of my card stock cut, I went and I used my scorer and I scored it at three and a half inches. And then I moved that score lines down to three and a half inches again. If you had your arm of your paper cutter open and this is my cutter, this is my scorer but if you pop this out you can bring it all the way up then you would just bring it down to seven. But sometimes just to save some time a trick to share with you is after you scored that three and a half look at that score line and just bring that score line to three and a half and score it again. This way when you go to close its perfect and you have a cute little scored note card. One of the things that you can do to embellish, while you are expecting the baby and you are waiting, the same color ink pad as the card stock and start having fun embellishing the card stock. And here I am going to use the petals here and I am just going to stamp all over, re-inking every time when you do tone on tone, it's a little bit of a faded look so you really want to get a strong of a stamp image as possible. And if you are going to be using the boy color then of course probably don't want to do pretty flowers you can do something else like maybe some polka dots, you can do some thing like a paisley something else that's a little fun and more towards boy instead of using the pretty little petal here and the little flowers. So, of course you will have time to decide on your embellishment. But this just creates like a fun texture. Next we are going to use some ribbon and the ribbon is going to keep this shut. So you are going to fold that up. Sometimes it's nice to have a bone folder just to give it a good crease even after you score it. This is synthetic bone it's just like a plastic, or at least it is what I want to think it is. And let me take the ribbon out, bone folders come in very handy for paper crafts and they are kind of a nice little tool to have. Snip some of that ribbon, now this is a trick and I don't know if it's just me, but try this at home because it seems like it helps a lot of my friends. Do you want to make a nice little bow, turn your project upside down. For some reason it seems like it wants to come out a little bit nicer. And then you can go ahead and actually tie a knot because this is going to be slipped on and off, so you don't have to worry about that there is a knot there. Oh one side is shorter than the other, its okay I do bunny ears anyway, with my tying the way I was taught. Isn't that funny? I should say it's a special technique that it is just bunny ears. And then we are going to take those really great ribbon scissors and trim off the excess. You got a little bow here. You can make as may of these as you want and plan to just put those aside and when the baby's born then you have a really adorable picture to put right inside. I am just going to slip that right off and then I have a baby picture here. I don't know who's baby it is but I found that on the internet and it's cute. So thank you to whoevers baby this is for giving me the prop and there is the baby right there. And you are just going to close that up. You can put the ribbon right around it and just make such a sweet little invitation or announcement.

    Sometimes people will say, Well, what envelop should I use? You can use the regular envelop to mail this. You don't have to make special size envelop. You can put this right inside of a regular invitation sized envelop, Stampin Up! envelop are just called medium envelops. But you can put this in a regular sized envelop to even though it's smaller. And it's just so cute when somebody gets that it's so exciting to read about all the information and then also to see baby picture. For some more great ideas on birth announcement watch the next clip I have more other things to show you, great birth announcements when you don't know it's a boy or girl. So watch that I have some more baby announcement ideas for you. Thanks.