Making Birth Announcements with Pictures

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Craft expert Christina Crawford demonstrates how to make birth announcements with pictures.

    Christina Crawford: Hi, I am Christina Crawford and I have been a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. And this video is titled How to Make Create Great Adorable Baby Announcements. Making baby announcements with photographs are very popular. It's very much trendy. And I think with the technology we have today people can make their own photographs right through their own printers at home. So it's very handy and convenient. And of course you have a precious little one so you can't wait to show him or her off to everybody. So photographs are becoming very popular with announcements. Let me show you a couple of samples but first I am going to demonstrate a really neat idea. My friend Jennifer made this for her daughter when she was born and I think it's just so sweet and it's so unique and I hope that you have fun, it gives you a good idea. First, what I have is a small piece of paper it is three inches by six and a half inches, and it's going to fit right inside as this is a long envelope. And yes, you can mail this with regular postage by the way. Again, you can pick any colors that sometimes if you don't know if you are having a boy or a girl and while you are expecting you want to put somethings together. Here are some colors that are pretty much neutral, it will go great for a boy or a girl. So just to give you some options for colors and certainly you can make your own favorite color scheme up. This one is a Certainly Celery and this is the So Saffron. And so what I have done is when you get this ready to go, what I would do is, just get all your paper cut and just you get your paper ready. When the baby is born you can take the picture out, you can put just a little bit of neutral color card stock right underneath, this just happens to be a vanilla and take that baby picture on the end and then make sure you have enough space to put the green piece next to it. You can make this of any size. First work with photographs and then you can make this whatever size you want. Next, once you have the size here, go ahead it could be smaller or larger it's up to you because of, again, it depends on how big the picture is. Then you can take your information. Again you can stamp it, you can hand write it, you can print in on vellum on the computer which is what I did. And go ahead and just put that on top of your card stock. Now something thats fun to do is using a stapler. And its very fast, it's very trendy and it's a really easy, especially when you are using vellum. Because vellum shows everything though even the slightest bit of tape. But when you staple it or if you tie a little bow on it, it's just really neat. And guess what, they sell colored staples. So if you don't want o use the silver because you think it looks to industrial, then go ahead and look in the craft stores and the office supply stores and you will find colored staples there too. And then you can go ahead and just layer that right on, how fun and how cute and easy is that. Now if you want to go ahead and do one more thing this is something fun. What I have done is I have taken this stamp from the stamp at Bundles of Joy. It is just a sweet heart, because that little baby is a sweet heart. And I am going to stamp it on to my paper. Now, I am just making one, but if this is you and you are making a lot, stamp the whole sheet with sweet heart and then punch them all out. I am going to start by using a one and a quarter punch. And just punching that right out, wasn't that easy? And then I have a little piece of paper, I want a little, but it's kind of an odd shaped. These are pieces you don't want to throw away because you can punch out different shapes from them and use them instead of tossing it aside. Next, I am going to tape it together with some of the SNAIL Adhesive. And then after that I am going to take my rectangle punch and I am just going to make two punches going down from the side, the same side. It is going through two pieces of card stock, the white and the saffron, so you could see I was giving it a little bit of elbow room, little bit of a push there. Next, I am going to take my ribbon and again just for embellishment, I am tying a knot. I am using the black and white gingham because it just goes with everything, and a little bit of white, it goes with everything. You can use colored ribbon if you want to. You could even use raffia, you can use a lot of things. But right now I am using the white gingham, and I am going to tie those in little knots. And now to put them on to the card, you can take some more of your SNAIL Adhesive and you just put that right there. You don't want to cover up the baby, but you can cover up little bit of that empty face right in the middle. Isnt that cute, so sweet? So let me show you Jolee, it gives you another idea here. Let me take it out of the adhesive. And there is the Jolee, so you could see a different color scheme same lay out great when they are copied. Here is one that my sister made when her little baby Louis, my nephew was born. You can make them in to scrap book pages, so it's not only a birth announcement but it's a scrap book page, and somebody gets to keep that picture of that baby for years and years to come. Here are some other ideas that I have received where it's cute, it also fits inside of those long envelops when you open it up, there is the picture of the baby. So just think everybody loves to see the pictures. Here is one that I made when Louis was born and I wanted to show him to all of my friends. So I just used some adhesive. I got the idea of Splitcoaststampers. It's a great community of ideas. And I went ahead and I put this little picture on there. So that is a cute idea too and then my friends made this and I just thought, you know what it's a cute little book. You can open it up and you can put lots of picture inside of this, and it is three inches by twelve inches and it is divided into four sections which are three by three inch squares. And you can go ahead and put pictures of the baby on here or even siblings sometimes we have brothers and sisters that don't want to be left out. So here are some other ideas that you can use using photographs for birth announcements. And next I have some ideas on how to make adorable thanking notes, so stay tuned and watch that. Thank You.