Making Designs in Dyed Easter Eggs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Karen Kormondy of Ipso Crafto shows how to use crayons and dye to decorate Easter eggs.

    Karen Kormondy: Hi, my name is Karen with Ipso Crafto in Washington D.

    C. and today, I am showing you how to decorate your Easter Eggs. In this video clip we will be focusing on using wax like white crayons and even colored crayons to make designs on your Easter eggs, either writing little messages or making designs like the polka dots. It's a very easy process. You are basically just drawing with white crayon on to the egg and of course, when dealing with egg safety and also the hot water, you always want to be very careful that you follow general safety rules. You always want to be very careful around hot water, especially with children and you want to protect your area from any of the dyes that might spill over or any spills or leaks. You don't want to have your finest linens out when you do this.

    So let's get started. We are going to do a basic crayon and egg decoration and basically, all you do is you write on your egg. I always like to do 'A Happy Easter' every year and then put the year on it. It just makes it the most special egg of the year, I guess. You have to take a guess that where you are writing because the white will not show up on the egg itself until you dip it into the dye. So sometimes your writing is a little crooked but it's fun to find out how it's going to actually come out. When you are done you are just going to dip it in the dye that we prepared in the last video clip just by using water, vinegar and food coloring and you are just going to leave it in there for about five minutes just to make sure that the color is the one that you want. Just as a general tip, sometimes when the eggs are freshly boiled, the eggs can stay hot for a very long time because of all the heat that's absorbed into them and when you write on the egg, you want to make sure that the egg is not too hot because the wax will melt very easily as you are writing, it will be a very smooth texture, but then once you put it into the hot water that you are using to dye your eggs, the wax will basically, rise right off of it and you will get this effect where there is really no design. This is another one that I wrote 'Happy Easter' on and as you can see, you can't read anything off of here now. So just make sure that you cool your eggs properly before you do this step because the wax will basically just lift off. Another way besides writing and this is also more fun for the kids who may not be able to write yet or may not write as well using the white on white technique, is just to make designs. I like to put polka dots on my eggs. I think that it's a fun in different way. You can also just make stripes on your eggs and just follow around and that's also pretty easy to do because you just run the crayon on here and then turn the egg as you are touching the crayon to the egg and again, you just dip it into the dye and see how it turns out. That's probably the coolest thing about this is that you never know what you are going to get until you finally take the egg out and let's see how this one is doing. Here you could see a very light orange and it says 'Happy Easter 2008.

    ' Now in our next video clip we are going to be discussing and learning how to blow out an egg so that you remove the yolk and white, so that you can preserve your eggs and you don't have to worry about food safety because the egg is basically just a shell and it's perfectly safe to leave out and use as decoration.