Making Elegant and Contemporary Wedding Invitations

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Craft expert Christina Crawford demonstrates how to make elegant and contemporary wedding invitations.

    Christina Crawford: Hi! I am Christina Crawford and I have been a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator. I have been stamping for about 12 years and over those years I have received lots of wedding invitations that have been stamped.

    This one is my favorite. I think this one you will want to duplicate. I am going to show you a contemporary wedding invitation and then show you one that has little bit more elegance with it. Both are the same style up to my best of giving you the measurements but go ahead and watch me because this will be really fun.

    The first thing to do is get all of your information printed out. You can print it out on card stock from your computer, make sure your computer takes that thickness of card stock. Once you have it all measured and cut up then you can go ahead and just take that and tape that right onto your layers of card stock.

    Now definitely work with your color scheme. In these video clips I have kind of been working with like a beach here or a summer theme, but definitely you can use black-and-white, you can use any kind of color scheme for your wedding.

    And so before you put it onto your layering, your bottom layering piece because that's going to be part of the card. I'll just put that aside for a moment, and next you are going to take another piece here. Now I'll give you the dimensions on this, this is 58, say to make that from an 811 piece of card stock.

    The next sheet is also 85 again, so two of the same size. This one happens to be scored. I scored it advance and it's of two-and-a-half inches and then this little piece here is just scored a half inch.

    So I am going to take my sharp scissors and what I am going to do is just make little tabs. I am going to cut off those ends, and next I am going to use sticky strip. I want to demonstrate this sticky strip because it's a great product. This will ensure that your invitation will not fall apart, in the mail or sometimes your family just loves to keep these invitations forever, and even in several years when they take it out and look at it and think about the great wedding that you had, that's not going to come apart.

    And then what you will do is just go ahead and line that up together and just push that right down. Make sure you got it because it's on for good.

    Next you will go ahead and you will take your layer that you have all your information on and tape that, you can use permanent tape on that as well and then go ahead and layer that down right there.

    What I have done in advance is I have taken this sticky strip and I have lined it up on both sides, this is going to create a little pocket. Before I put that on I already have a little strip, it's about 51, and just to give it a little bit more color working with the color that we have in the invitation. It's just going to give it a little bit more of a nice little look there. So that pocket is going to hold the directions to the reception and the invitation and the response card, which is what you need for those invitations and that just fits in there really nicely.

    So when your friends and family open that up you have a little cute pocket there with direction, the invitation, information for the reception and the response card right inside there.

    Next, if you want to keep that shut in it so that it's really nice presentation, you can just create a little band for it. Again, using some of the same colors inside that you are using with your announcements.

    This time I am going to use a little bit of this nail adhesive which is permanent. You can use your sticky strip too and that's going to create a band. Now it doesn't matter that it's tape because that's going to slide on and off. And then to give it a little bit more of a cute look, this is a very contemporary wedding invitation, nice fun colors, just go ahead and give it a little bit of a ribbon and tie it in a knot, you can tie it in a bow and then when you finish with that, give that just a couple of snips and you are finished. You have a beautiful contemporary wedding invitation, you can see how easy it is to make a lot of these in a short period of time and half the fun is to make amongst friends before your big day. And here you go, open that up. It's a great keep sake too.

    All of the ink pads and the card stock here are acid-free and photo-safe so if you did want to scrapbook them you can. Here is an elegant version where it's black, white and silver. Here's the band that comes off and the same information is in the inside.

    This my friend Shannon did and my friend Ingrid made one that was beautiful with burgundy and black.

    So you can see how you can take the same style, make something very elegant and contemporary and have fun doing this.

    The next clip is going to be on how you can create fabulous wedding favors with chocolate. So stay tuned to watch that.

    Thank you!