Making Fabulous Wedding Favors Using Chocolate

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Craft expert Christina Crawford demonstrates how to make wedding favors using chocolate.

    Christina Crawford: Hi! I am Christina Crawford, I have been a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator for 12 years. We are talking about making wedding invitations on a budget and this video clip we are actually going over favors and how to create wedding favors with the chocolate.

    Chocolate is my most favorite thing in the world and I know I have a lot of people that are on my side with that. So let me go ahead and show you how to do really cute little favor bag for wedding, favors, bridal shower favors. Let's get started with that.

    First, we are going to take a beautiful piece of paper, it's designer paper and this is actually Springs Silhouettes from Stamping' Up! and it's double-sided. So go ahead and choose the colors, the theme of the wedding and find some great paper that's double-sided.

    Next, you are going to take that paper and you need to use a scoring blade which is this black Fiskars blade, and with the paper it's very thin, so you don't want to drag it and you don't want it to be too hard. I am going to flip that over and then I am going to score it at one-and-a-half.

    So get your pencils out because I am going to give you a few more measurements and you are going to love this and you are going to want to create it, you can also watch this again-and-again.

    Next, I am going to take that and slide it down and the first measurement is going to be two and three quarters. Keep on sliding it, the Fiskars has a nice little arm that goes out and you can go ahead and get a lot of different measurements in here. The next measurement is going to be 4 inches and then after that it's going to be 8 inches and then last nine and three quarters. So you can see why you need that arm out.

    So you are going to have a whole bunch of scored lines on your paper and next you need to take some sharp scissors and that has the 1 inch score line, that's the one that you need to cut because that's going to be the base of your box.

    Now what I've done in advance was I went ahead and I folded this 1 inch down so this is what you are going to see. You can see that I have already cut the little pieces down here below and now I am ready to assemble the box.

    So I am going to start off by folding those lines and you are going to see that there is going to be an overlapping towards the back of your box. That's where you need to put a row of sticky strip. And I've already did that at the bottom just to save some time. Really once you make a box, you are going to see exactly where you need to put these sticky strips, and so if you want to make a prototype first, go right ahead.

    When cutting sticky strips use scissors that are already goopy, if you use your beautiful ribbon scissors, you are not going to cut ribbon anymore and push that sticky strip down. Peel off that red top and then get your box folded back again. Make sure you are happy with it, because once that sticky strip is on there you are pretty much committed.

    And then go ahead and bring that all the way down and then fold in your bottom. And here I have got the sticky strip. There is actually a sticky strip on another piece too. I am going to show you that. I just like to put a lot on it because I don't want anything to go anywhere. If I put something heavy in it, the worst thing I want is for somebody to pick it up and then everything folds down at the bottom of it. And there you have got your cute little box. I am going to show what my friend Robin did. That looks like a little beach bag, so be sure to watch that.

    So here's my box now, inside of that we have extra pieces, just cut them off. There is my tight-bag. Next to give some embellishment to the candies. You can take your ink pads that match the paper, flip them open and go ahead and stamp right on address labels. I am going stamp on five. If you have a wheel, you can wheel these a lot faster. But if you don't have a wheel to go ahead and wheel stamp then you can just go ahead and use your regular stamps. Here is the stamp that says Mon Ami. Again, it's just an embellishment so I am going to just stamp that every which way over my labels.

    Just give that about a minute to dry, peel those off and stick those right around the nuggets.

    Okay. Once you have your nuggets done and again if you are going to be making a lot of favors, fill up the whole sheet of labels, put them on the 30 little Hershey nugget and then each box will get as many as you want, but right now I am going to put in five. These are great favors, everybody loves chocolate, well most people do and this is a really fun thing to give away, that's very affordable at the different showers and the different weddings and the different occasions that you would like to give favors too.

    In the next video clip, I would like to show you how to use the crop-a-dile, to put grommets or jumble brads to embellish the bag that you have already made. So please stay tuned and watch that.