Making Holiday Party Décor – Flowers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Food and prop stylist Annette Joseph teaches you how to arrange flowers for your holiday party on a budget.

    Annette Joseph: Hi! I am Annette Joseph, and I am a food prop stylist. And I am going to show you how to do a holiday party on a budget. This is a great project, it's a flower project, it will be beautiful on your buffet and it's really simple to make. The elements that you will need. You will need a vase, you will need some wrapping paper, you will need a pair of scissors, you will need some tape, you will need this really cool butcher's string, two little jingle bells and of course, some flowers. So, let's get started.

    Here is our vase, a lot of you have these round vases. A lot of time these vases actually come with flower arrangements in them and this is a great way to repurpose those things. It's all about repurposing. If you're doing a party on a budget. So, first thing I do is I take this strip, I tape it once, I wrap it around tightly, just like you'd be wrapping a gift. I tape it twice, then you have a nice band. I like to have a little bit on the bottom, and a little bit on the top, don't cover the entire thing up, it just makes it a little more interesting. Then I take my twine, and I wrap it around, I tie it up. And I just like to make a nice knot on it, nothing fancy. It's usually easier to do if you set it on its side and then you just tie this knot. Pull it tightly and then it just kind of rests around there, then it's time for your jingle bells.

    I take the little jingle bells. They actually have a really neat little hole in there, and I do like to snip the ends to make a nice clean finish. You can do what your mom used to do and that's to wet the end, so I do that as well. Then I slip it through, tie it up nice and tight. Make sure that you are not letting it dangle too low because then it will hit the floor. We are going to do these at two different levels.

    So, here is the first level, which is kind of midway down and the next one we're probably going to want to do a little higher up, I am going to cut this, it's a little bit long, and again wet the end, it just makes it go through a little bit easier, find your jingle bell. These little circles like to get away from you, the little jinglers and then lace it through and then you're going to tie it up, nice and tight. This one should be just a little bit higher. So, you've got your cute little jinglers on there. I would like to cut off the ends, fairly close, not too close, and you've got this cute little jingling. Now, I want to talk to you about flowers. A lot of people buy these premade flowers at the grocery store, I think they are great. However, I think it's a nice idea to make your own little arrangement and the easiest way to deal with flowers that are from the grocery store is not to take them, as they are from the grocery and just stick them in a vase, it's not good. I would like to take all the like flowers, put them together in your hand in a bouquet, and no more than two varieties per vase. The same color is always great. So, I take them and I literally gather them in my hand. This is a stylist trick, we all do this. We make a bouquet in our hand and you can manhandle the flowers. Press them down, so they make a nice little pom-pon. Make sure they are even at the end. I like to cut them off altogether, all of the same. They are almost a little bit too short for the vase, that's good, because when you set them in the vase, they literally rest on top of the rim of the vase and make a cute little arrangement, and that's a very quick, very easy way to make a pretty little arrangement. I have made some other ones here, just to give you some examples of how you should arrange your flowers like a professional. Again all alike, and then we have just done a little berry, one other the variety in the middle.

    Tulips are great for holiday and they usually have them at the grocery store. Buy the tulips, cut a little something off your Christmas tree, put that in there, done. When you see them all gather together they look fantastic. Now, we will throw a little green in there, this bright green mug, just says Christmas. Again it's very simple, it's all of the same thing. So, let's reiterate. Let's not just take the grocery store flower and dump it in a vase, let's do something creative with it.

    So, here we have an example of a creative and inexpensive gorgeous way to decorate your buffet table. Coming up next, I am going to show you how to put all these elements together and create a gorgeous, low-cost, beautiful buffet table.