Making Lamb Loin with 3 Herb Sauce

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Mohammad Karimy from Lebanese Taverna demonstrates how to make a lamb loin with 3 herb sauce.

    Mohammad Karimy

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    Mohammed Karimy: Hello everyone this is Mohammed Karimy with Lebanese Taverna. Right now, we are going to make our sharhat ganam which is a lamb loin with 3 herb sauce. First I am going to explain to you guys how to make 3 herb sauce. You need mint, cilantro, parsley together and also garlic, garlic to taste, maybe one to two cloves and put it in a blender. Puree them all altogether and then put it in a bowl. Add extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. Mix them all, you get it like this. Here we have lamb loin and in Lebanese they call it sharhat ganam. Sharhat mean slices and ganam mean lamb. So these are grilled. What you do is the trick is this, one time you set the grill 80%, so it s not really high. You sear them. You see the loins, you sear all over. So, let s say this is grilled, you sear this. Of course you use a tong, so you don t burn your hands. So, say this cutting board is a grill so you sear this side, this side all over. So once it s seared, you put it back in bowl and you put it in the fridge, so its still you move it off the grill, it s still hot, its cooking slowly and then the second time when you bring it, it s really up to you guys, how do you want it, medium, well done. Most of the people, they like medium rare, and I myself, am one of those people. Lamb also does not attract bacteria as much so you don t have to be worried about if it s undercooked or anything like that. And when you sear the lamb, basically the flavor stays inside the meat. After that you cook it long time, still the flavor is inside, it won t go out. So, basically you close the holes. Now, this was seared and also grilled twice and the sauce right here. What I am going to do is I am going to put some of this sauce underneath this. This plate right here and here I have some carved vegetables. You have green squash, Zucchini, yellow squash. This is radish and in between I put some berries. And these are scallions and the way they look is actually, they look like this. See, you carve them by angle then you put in ice water, it opens. Same thing with radish. Green, looks like actual flowers. If you put this inside with the toothpicks. Put on ice water, they bloom, they open. Seen that? So you use that as center piece and I have green apple that is cut in half to hold it together. You put toothpicks in it. So the green sauce goes like this here. Okay, we make basically a layer and then the lamb, you always cut it against the grain. So it s not chewy or anything like that. Okay, the lamb. Look at this rare, medium rare. Look at that. I am so hungry, right now. Alright, so we are just like that. You can serve this hot, you can serve this cold. You can just serve this off the grill slice, put on the 3 herb sauce. 3 herb sauce gives it a lot of flavor. To marinate at this one all you need it salt, pepper and oil. You marinate it overnight, you can marinate it 10-15 minutes prior to grilling. You don t need a lot of flavor because you are adding a lot of flavor here. 3 herb sauce. And this looks like this. This is your finished product.