Making Paella – Preparing the Meats

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to make paella and how to prepare the meats.

    Rob Carson: Hi, I am Rob Carson. I am a radio personality and I like to cook and today we are making.

    Javier Quiroga: Paella.

    Rob Carson: Alright, so are we going to start by doing, cubing the chicken? Javier Quiroga: Yeah, we are going to start cubing the chicken, so we can then cube that. Now I will cube the pork or you do that.

    Rob Carson: That's sounds good. Javier Quiroga: Just small cubes, perfect. You like doing this huh Carson?

    Rob Carson: Oh! Yes I like to cook. Javier Quiroga: It's the best. Rob Carson: I got to tell you though I have never had to do it for a living; I think it would really demystify it for me. I mean it would not make as fun if I had to do it for a living.

    Javier Quiroga: I don't think so though.

    Rob Carson: I maybe wrong.

    Javier Quiroga: I don't think because the way you talk about food and the way you are with food, I think it's just, you have it in.

    Rob Carson: Well you know in radio you are never too far from a career food service, particularly like it's a pizza delivery person. Javier Quiroga: See but how the hell then you are going to be a comedian? Rob Carson: Now are you kidding, I could never make a living being a comedian. You are out of your mind. Javier Quiroga: Alright, so we got that one going, we are going into the Chorizo to here.

    Rob Carson: Now you want me to.

    Javier Quiroga: Yeah, just go ahead and throw in the flour. Rob Carson: Throw in the flour, okay.

    Javier Quiroga: Yeah and just mix that up a little bit yep. One of the -- the hardest part of Paella making is getting the ingredients together. But once you get that done fairly quickly and fairly painless. Rob Carson: Well but one thing that I -- when you are talking about food prep, if you don't have to do it for a living, I think it's very cathartic. I think it's a lot of fun to actually go through the process of making the food, that's why when I have friends over; it's starts in the noon and it culminates with dinner. So I am good exhausted and really pissed off when dinner is served, just like okay I worked all day on it, you better like it. Javier Quiroga: Excellent, alright we are going to put a little olive oil in the pans and again olive oil is one of the key things to use for the Paella and you guys have heard in other cooking shows and things like that the layers of food; it's important to do that also in this situations, the layers, and layers, and layers and again take your time with it because it will definitely be great when it's all done. Rob Carson: Here is your chicken. Javier Quiroga: Perfect, alright.

    Rob Carson: Now we don't want to overcook this, we are just essentially trying to brown it. Javier Quiroga: Right, just browning and the reason why we dress it in flours is to keep the chicken moist, and lets seal the juice in there and we got the chicken going here. Rob Carson: Its a little more right there, we are having perfect. Using about a tablespoon of olive oil in each one of these pans, little more or little less. You want to put the Chorizo and the pork in there at the same time?

    Javier Quiroga: Yep, same time. Rob Carson: Rock on, lets do it. We got the Chorizo -- and you know what sausage is -- you don't want to know how it's made but it's God's gift of food. Javier Quiroga: Its the best.

    Rob Carson: It's absolutely brilliant and there is a lot of variety out there. There is a non-veg market near my home actually and they do homemade sausage and it's brilliant because they flavor it with everything. They might do peppers, they might do garlic and they might do whatever. So you can experiment a little bit and try different things; doesn't have to be a specific type of Chorizo. Javier Quiroga: They can be chicken; they can be chicken sauces, turkey sauce, whatever if you are adverse to using any other kind of sauces, it will work. How they are looking?

    Rob Carson: They look good. Javier Quiroga: Yeah, looks nice. Rob Carson: Smelling better, alright I am going to back away, back away from the chef now. Javier Quiroga: I am not going to burn you that bad, don't worry. Rob Carson: I don't worry about that, I just still want to -- get slapped on the knuckles with a spoon, like I am cooking. Javier Quiroga: Get away. Rob Carson: Get away.

    Javier Quiroga: Well what we are doing basically we are just sauting this a little bit here. Alright so as you can see we are just browning all the meat out a little bit here, same with the stuff here that we have put in this pan here. Again to remember all the stuff -- don't worry about under cooking anything because everything is going to get little bit better. If your pan gets a little dry like this, don't be afraid to add a little more olive oil.

    Rob Carson: More olive oil, absolutely.

    Javier Quiroga: Because they really crisp the set up a little bit, mix it a little bit. Rob Carson: Don't over cook at this step, like he said, just brown it, get it going because we are going to put in the big pan. We are going to be adding broth, and adding broth and adding broth and keeping it hot and so this will continue to cook. Alright, cool.

    Javier Quiroga: Little salt, pepper for the chicken perhaps. Rob Carson: Let's do that, shall we.

    Javier Quiroga: Yeah, one, two.

    Rob Carson: Three, there we go. Javier Quiroga: That's good and at this point also we are talking about the layers of flavor. You know what I mean; at this point I will also add a little garlic to this because again if this little piece of chicken falls off you want to able to eat that one too. You know what I mean? Rob Carson: Absolutely. Javier Quiroga: So it works, put a little garlic in there. Rob Carson: How about a teaspoon or so? Javier Quiroga: Yeah, about a teaspoon and also again the ingredients are threshed before Paella, olive oil, garlic and the saffron so. You don't want to overpower things with the garlic but just enough for the pretty nice flavor there. So this looks good, right I mean, who could eat this, like this? Rob Carson: You can?

    Javier Quiroga: No, looks good.

    Rob Carson: Alright so, once these are browned, we will remove them from the heat and will be adding them later and coming up next we are going to show you how to steam the seafood.