Making Sequined Easter Eggs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Karen Kormondy of Ipso Crafto demonstrates how to create sequined Easter eggs.

    Karen Kormondy: Hi, my name is Karen Kormondy with Ipso Crafto in Washington D.

    C. and today, we are decorating Easter eggs. In this video clip, we will be showing you how to make sequined eggs for a very glamorous Easter and it's a very easy process. The basics that you will need are Styrofoam eggs. You can find this in pretty much any craft store in the floral department or maybe at any other department as well. Regular Styrofoam, you also need sequins. I like to use the variety pack of round sequins just because you get the most colors and the most variety and then just some regular straight pins, just normal, they don't have to be anything special. You can probably get the cheapest ones in your notions aisle at your craft store or sowing store. So let's get started.

    Basically, the actual process is extremely easy. We are just going to sort through the sequins, find one that you would like or that goes in sure your design. Place it on to the egg shape with the cup side up. So it's going to be curved down and then you take a straight pin and poke it through the hole through the Styrofoam until the head of the pin is flushed with the sequin and that secures it with no glue, no special technique really and you just fill up your Styrofoam egg like this. This is a really great craft to do with little ones who if they are able to handle the pins and usually around six I would say. If you supervise them you can do that with them, but this is great for all ages. The older kids who are maybe too cool for some crafts can really get into this and really make something very unique and very special and it's just a nice thing to do with a group or by yourself.

    You can also do stripes which is a fun thing for Easter eggs especially, and you just use the same color in stripes all around and you always want to make sure to overlap these sequins to make sure that you don't see any of the Styrofoam underneath, but that's pretty easy to do because the circles interlock together when they are overlapping. So, it's pretty easy and the great part is that if you have something that you don't want in a certain position like maybe, it doesn't look good once you are finished, all you have to do is take out the pin, remove the sequin and you can do something totally different and just put the new sequin on and the straight pin right back in and it holds it just like before and it's very simple.

    Also another thing you can do is little designs. For instance, this one is more of a garden themed. I am just using a green background of sequins and then every once in a while I am making a flower. To make the flower you just leave a hole in the background design and then you are going to take various colors. The pink ones are my favorite. So I am just going to take some pink ones, put the pins in of course, make a little circle shape. It doesn't need to be exact because as you may know, no flower is exactly the same. So every flower that you make on your design is totally unique and then maybe get a coordinating color like this purple and overlap it and stick those in and then get a center for your flower usually, a yellow or an orange one works best, but of course, this is your flower so if you want to make it blue or purple or whatever color you want, you can go right ahead. Again, just secure with that pin and there you go. You have a flower. Another way to do this is more of a graphic design. You make stripes going down using the gold and then you are just going to fill it up with one solid color and it makes a little bit more of a Faberge style egg or something a little bit more elegant and this is again, fun for any age. You can work in whatever colors you want because they make sequins in every single color under the sun and it's just a lot of fun and just a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Now on our next video clip we will be showing you another way to make an inedible egg using wood-turning eggs as well as paint to make more natural looking eggs. So stay tuned for that.