Making the Mayonnaise Aioli for the Ciabatta Sandwich

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Radio personality and gourmet cook Rob Carson mixes up a mayonnaise aioli for the spicy southwestern ciabatta sandwich.

    Rob Carson: Once again, my name is Carson. I am radio personality also a gourmet cook. Today, we are making spicy Southwestern Ciabattas and the first thing we are going to do is make an Aioli which is a flavored mayonnaise and I always say safety first, always use a condiment. We have got mayonnaise, we have got chipotle peppers, we have got garlic and what I am going to do is, I am going to take these chipotle peppers and chop one up and I like two actually because I really like them a lot. Chipotle peppers, guys, are basically a jalapeno pepper that has been roasted and it is in this wonderful sauce called Adobo. Adobo is smoky, it's ridiculous. It makes my mouth waters just smelling it, it's fantastic. You can buy it in grocery stores pre-prepared, it's generally in cans. You could buy chipotles in adobo; you can buy jars of the adobo sauce by itself. But today, we are going to finely chop these and add them to the mayonnaise and it is smoky, it's a delicious flavor and you are going to love it. I have here my rocker knife I am going to finely chop these Chipotles. Now these aren't a real hot pepper. They are basically, like I said, a jalapeno pepper and they are roasted so a lot of the heat goes out of it and it comes in this adobo sauce which again, is very smoky and rich and absolutely delicious. I have got about a cup and a half of mayonnaise; I am going to take two chipotles in adobo, I am going to drop them right in there. Next, I am going to take about a tablespoon of minced garlic, I am going add it there, I am going to do, just a little bit salt. Always use sea salt, use kosher salt, don't use iodized salt, it's for your driveway. A little bit of salt and a little bit fresh black pepper, nice and coarse. Let's go ahead and stir this together. Now this aioli you can use on this sandwich, you can use it on any sandwich. You will like this, if you like anything that's smoky or a little bit hot, you will want to eat it on every sandwich. You will want to eat on baked potatoes; you will want to eat it on the one you love. This looks nice. I am going to go ahead and add one more because I want it to be nice and red. I want to have a nice hue to it. There you go, there you go. There is your Aioli. So coming up next, let's make our sandwich.

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