Managing Diabetes With Fitness & Nutrition

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow shares his fitness and nutrition tips for living with diabetes.

    John Basedow: Hey guys! I am John Basedow here with some tips to help you manage diabetes. Do you realize that 24 million people are affected by diabetes and one-third of them don't even realize they have it?

    That being said, practicing a fitness lifestyle is the number one preventative thing you can do to avoid complications associated with diabetes and manage it if you do have diabetes. As far as exercise goes, you can't wrong, any exercise is good. Even simply walking 30 minutes to an hour a day can help you decrease the risk of developing diabetes and also help you manage the condition if you happen to already have it. Any weight bearing exercise also helps, because it stabilizes blood sugar, helps you avoid those peaks and valleys that cause cravings and insulin surges throughout the day. As far as foods, stick with low glycemic natural foods. If it's made by man, don't put it in your mouth. A good example of low glycemic carbohydrates would be sweet potatoes, any type of vegetables that you find in their natural state in the supermarket. Stay away from simple sugars, and especially fat-free foods, because adding fat to a food and adding protein to a food actually helps to lower the glycemic index of that food. The thing is, protein and fat lower the insulin spike, lower the blood sugar reaction, which causes a stable level of blood sugar throughout the day. So there you have it. Just keep it moving, exercise a little bit everyday, and watch what you are eating. Make sure to make low glycemic food choices, by doing that you can manage diabetes or possibly avoid the threat of getting the condition altogether.