Mango Salsa – Chopping Herbs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Robert Nassar from Dinner Done demonstrates how to chop herbs for your mango salsa.

    Robert Nasser

    Robert Nasser is the owner of Dinner Done's Centreville, VA store. Robert has been involved in the kitchen in one form or another from age 6. A past owner of 2 restaurants in Venezuela, he knows what good food is made of: great ingredients and great recipes. Concern for the way our eating habits are changing, especially since more and more households are extremely busy places, played a big part in his decision to license a Dinner Done store in Virginia from his brother and sister in law in Florida. Filling the need for healthy meals, while getting families back around the dinner table is a major reason for Dinner Done's success. His international background and love of travel have given Robert a unique perspective on foods and ingredients, and how best to marry them to obtain new tastes and flavors. When coming up with new recipes for his customers, Robert can draw upon this experience to enable them to try new ideas without sacrificing taste or nutrition. A self confessed recipe book addict, he has accumulated over 50 cookbooks in 3 languages. These rarely stay on a shelf, as he uses them almost daily!

    Hi, I am Robert Nassar from Dinner Done and we are making a mango salsa. First of all, we are going to start out by chopping up our herbs. Herbs like parsley and cilantro come on stems and you definitely dont want the stems to be a part of your salsa, so take the leaves off, its a little extra work, but its well worth the effort when it comes time for to taste, and once you have got those -- and by the way for this salsa you can go ahead and chop them all together since they are all going to live together anyway, just pull on the stems to get the leaves off and make sure that you keep the stems to the side. Once you have gotten all of these cilantro and parsley leaves off, you want to chop these real fine. Now one thing like with all of your vegetables and most of your food, you should wash these first before continuing on to the next step. Its also very important that once you have washed these in cold or cool running water that you dry these out on a paper towel or on a cloth towel, make sure they are absolutely dry, if not you are going to end up with mush and mush is not what we are looking for here. Gather up all these leaves together and bring them into a little pile, and compress them. Next, placing your fingers at the top or at the beginning of the pile and bending them inwards, so that they dont get cut. Lay the flat of your knife blade against your knuckles and begin to chop. Speed is not important here, what's important is that you cut evenly and that you dont get cut yourself. Gather up any of the tail end if you will and then if you would like to, give it a couple of extra chops. Bring it over to our bowl, and now that we have got all of our herbs chopped, we will move on to the next step, which is putting this all together.

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