Marbleized Easter Eggs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Craft expert Mary Gallagher discusses marbleized Easter eggs.

    Mary Gallagher Stout: Hi! I am Mary Gallagher Stout and today we are decorating Easter eggs. In this segment, I am going to show you how to marble your Easter eggs with vegetable oil and you regular food coloring. So let's get started.

    You just going to need a cup of water and about a tablespoon of vinegar. Then you are going to pick your dye color, it doesn't matter whatever you like. I like blue and I also like red. The other thing is you don't want to put too much in at once, because then it gets muddy, because we are really playing with the different shapes that are floating on top of the water, that's what this method really entails.

    Then we are going to take a little bit of oil and we are just going to drip it on top. Now we are going to spin it around. See how it all moves around. Then you are just going to take your egg and swirl it to marbleize it. So the parts that have the oil are going to stay white and the parts that touch the colors adhere to the egg. That's how you get a magnificent marbled egg with vegetable oil and food coloring. Coming up next, we will show you the rubber band method of dyeing your eggs.