Martial Arts – Beginning Kung Fu

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Martial Arts expert Raymond Wu describes some essential elements and skills students of kung-fu must practice, apply and be willing to master.

    Raymond Wong

    The Wong People Kung Fu Association is a group dedicated to the practice and maintaining the integrity of Kung Fu. The Wong People are a succession of a Kung Fu lineage based on the Jow Ga Kung Fu style. The head teacher for this group is Raymond Wong. Raymond Wong has been studying Jow Ga Kung Fu since he was a young teen and is still studying the same style in hopes to achieve mastery one day. The Wong People are a widely known entity in the US Kung Fu community. The Wong People are advocators of keeping government and commercialization away from Kung Fu. The Wong People's position on Kung Fu is not based entertainment or sports, but education. Kung Fu education is a lifetime study as well as a life style. Experimenting with Kung Fu on the Internet and video can be entertaining, but to seriously learn seek a qualified Kung Fu teacher.

    Raymond Wong: Hello! My name is Raymond Wong; I operate a Kung-Fu studio teaching the art of Jow Ga Kung-Fu we are based in Washington DC.

    The name of our group, we are called The Wong People.

    We are going to give you a brief presentation of what Kung-Fu is today.

    Kung-Fu or Wushu as some call it, is a system of self-defense that is based on philosophical principles and the passing on of cultural teachings. The knowledge of this ancient art is usually handed down by way of inheritance from direct family lineage or family based secret societies.

    The intended purpose of Kung-Fu is to be used for protecting ones family. Protecting the family not necessarily in a combat sense but mostly to protect and strengthen the traditional values which is the backbone for the existence of the family. These traditional values are universally shared by all and it is the fabric that holds any family together.

    Values like respect, discipline, perseverance, understanding, the ability to withstand in physical and mental hardships.

    The study of Kung-Fu may appeared to do well mostly on the physical elements. However, the ultimate goal of all the physical training is to develop ones internal strength, attitude and character, because in any situation, it is usually ones character and attitude that determines the outcome.

    My Recipe

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    • 2 Cups - Organic Plain Flour


    1. Heat oven to 190°C/fan 170°C/gas 5

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