Martial Arts – Kung Fu Mid Body Warmup

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Martial Arts expert Raymond Wu demonstrates a mid body warm-up routine, from the waist to the lower chest by performing abdominal crunches from a standing position.

    Raymond Wong

    The Wong People Kung Fu Association is a group dedicated to the practice and maintaining the integrity of Kung Fu. The Wong People are a succession of a Kung Fu lineage based on the Jow Ga Kung Fu style. The head teacher for this group is Raymond Wong. Raymond Wong has been studying Jow Ga Kung Fu since he was a young teen and is still studying the same style in hopes to achieve mastery one day. The Wong People are a widely known entity in the US Kung Fu community. The Wong People are advocators of keeping government and commercialization away from Kung Fu. The Wong People's position on Kung Fu is not based entertainment or sports, but education. Kung Fu education is a lifetime study as well as a life style. Experimenting with Kung Fu on the Internet and video can be entertaining, but to seriously learn seek a qualified Kung Fu teacher.

    Indaba: Next we will work on is the mid area.

    What hell do is bring up his right elbow and his hand on ear area and he will bring the right elbow to touch the knee area. This will work the core mid area. You want to do this at least ten times, anywhere between 10-20 times. This will come up to at least 30 seconds, and begin.

    This works the mid area, right in this area here.

    Thats four five six seven eight nine ten and switch and you were doing up this side again, this works the mid area and get the areas that you need in the mid area, your center, and begin.

    One two three and this also works a little bit on balance too in your core area, four five six seven eight nine ten.



    Again, that was the mid area.

    Next, we will get is the upper body.