Martial Arts – Kung Fu Stretching Warmup

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Martial Arts expert Raymond Wu demonstrates stretching the legs to prepare the muscle for use and activates the energy required for any high-level leg activity.

    Raymond Wong

    The Wong People Kung Fu Association is a group dedicated to the practice and maintaining the integrity of Kung Fu. The Wong People are a succession of a Kung Fu lineage based on the Jow Ga Kung Fu style. The head teacher for this group is Raymond Wong. Raymond Wong has been studying Jow Ga Kung Fu since he was a young teen and is still studying the same style in hopes to achieve mastery one day. The Wong People are a widely known entity in the US Kung Fu community. The Wong People are advocators of keeping government and commercialization away from Kung Fu. The Wong People's position on Kung Fu is not based entertainment or sports, but education. Kung Fu education is a lifetime study as well as a life style. Experimenting with Kung Fu on the Internet and video can be entertaining, but to seriously learn seek a qualified Kung Fu teacher.

    First stretch he will work on will be the front of the thigh. Again, will work always on the base area because this is the standard for Kung-Fu, the base has to be strong, from the base, you get strength.

    What he is going to do is slowly put his arm against the wall for balance, and he is going to take his left hand, and grab the ankle, or the shoelace area of the shoe, and bring the heel up close to rear stretching out this area of the quadricep. Again, this stretch should be held for anywhere from 30-60 seconds, its a good stretch for this area.

    After he does that, and the reason why you hold your hand out on to the wall is for balance, to maintain your balance. He slowly releases after 30 seconds and he goes and gets the other leg.

    Turns around, puts his hand out against the wall, stretching, again the opposite leg and this area of the quadricep in the front.

    Again, these stretches are here to loosen up the lower body. As we raise the temperature to warming up, just to get the body ready, now we are also loosening.

    The next stretch will be the back of the leg. What he is simply going to do is take the front, the right foot, put the toe out in front, then the left knee, and slowly stretch on down to bring his hands close as possible to his ankles. You can hold the ankles, or to stabilize the body that means to hold your balance, and this again works the underside of the hamstring in this area. You want to hold this for at least 3060 seconds. He slowly releases, and switch and turns and stretches the other side.

    Again, coming down slowly, now if you cant stretch that far, thats okay, you can always bring the hand up closer. Again, you want to make sure that you stretch down nice and relaxed, no going down quickly. Be very slow and deliberate. If you feel any sort of pain, its time to stop, but you want to make sure that its at least 30-60 seconds, he slowly brings up, okay, and thats for, again, the front and thats for the back.

    The next stretch will be the calf. Again, we are going to be using the heel, because not only the heel, but also the ball of foot is very important. So, we are going to stretch the calf. What he is simply going to do to this wall right here he is going to put the ball of the foot up on the wall, the heel on the ground, and simply he is going to bring the chest up close to the wall, maintaining the straightness of the knee, make sure its not bending, this way stretching the calf and the back.

    Again, you want to do a count, anywhere from 30-60 seconds to maintaining the stretch. After 30 or 60 seconds are over, release and switch. Again, stretching the calf area of the leg, why? Because, again, as I said, the base of kung-fu is based upon low stance. Very strong, loose leg muscles are very important.

    After 30 or 60 seconds, finish.

    Next area we want to stretch is in the mid area. Simply what he is going to do is take his right-hand, stretching over to the opposite side, getting the right side in this area, right here, stretching it. Loosening the waist area, this is very important. Everything reverberates though the core center of the body.

    Again, he goes to the other side, stretching the core area again. Mid area, this is stretching the mid area. Next he is going to stretch the shoulder area. What he is simply going to do is take his hands, putting in front and reach to the back. This stretches the chest, try to make sure that he is trying to reach his both hands at the back as much as possible; this stretches the chest area, the shoulder area. You want to stretch this for at least 30-60 seconds.

    Then next he will be stretching the shoulder from the back. He will place his arms out to the front, bring the elbow, hands up to the elbow, and press over to the opposite side.

    Again, stretching the front of the shoulder and to the side. Switching on to the opposite side, again, you want to make sure these stretches are again 30-60 seconds. Its very important to loosen up the upper body.

    Next, he will be stretching is the back of the arms, and this is very important for punching. Push ups, and anything that they extends the arm, the triceps area right there. Again, you want to hold up for anywhere from 30-60 seconds, he will switch off, and he will do the opposite side again, stretching the triceps, which is very important for punching, any sort of arm extension. Remember, we do not recommend that you learn Kung-Fu from a video to prevent injuries. We highly recommend that you use a qualified Kung-Fu instructor, but if you insist, we will continue.