Martial Arts – Using Kung Fu to Get Out of Danger

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Indaba, an Kung Fu instructor at Wong People Studios in Washington DC, demonstrates a universal stance for preventing harm and moving yourself out of the danger.

    Raymond Wong

    The Wong People Kung Fu Association is a group dedicated to the practice and maintaining the integrity of Kung Fu. The Wong People are a succession of a Kung Fu lineage based on the Jow Ga Kung Fu style. The head teacher for this group is Raymond Wong. Raymond Wong has been studying Jow Ga Kung Fu since he was a young teen and is still studying the same style in hopes to achieve mastery one day. The Wong People are a widely known entity in the US Kung Fu community. The Wong People are advocators of keeping government and commercialization away from Kung Fu. The Wong People's position on Kung Fu is not based entertainment or sports, but education. Kung Fu education is a lifetime study as well as a life style. Experimenting with Kung Fu on the Internet and video can be entertaining, but to seriously learn seek a qualified Kung Fu teacher.

    Indaba: My name is Indaba, I am an Instructor at Wong People Studios in Washington DC.

    This next section is getting out of danger, using the stance to get yourself out of danger.

    This stance can be used for many objectives, in this case is to prevent harm and then move yourself out of the danger if someone coming at to you with a punch.

    Right now, I am about to punch at the student and he will use his stance to remove himself from the danger of the punch.

    Going forward, if you notice, he is still in a horse stance. Move the body to the side, again, almost 90 degrees, this can remove this person out of danger, I havent hit him. Come right back up and if I had a weapon, same thing.

    Again, 90 degrees, back still straight and he can from this position or she whoever can walk away, removing themselves out of the danger area.

    These stances can be used to remove a person out of danger, which is very important its part of the self-defense part, and remember, we do not recommend that you learn kung-fu from a video to prevent injuries. We highly recommend that you use a qualified kung-fu instructor, but if you insist, we will continue on.

    The next person we have is this smaller person and he will come right on up to show you that no matter whether or not you are big or small, it doesnt matter, you could still use the stance to remove yourself from danger.

    Take a punch, move right at him, again uses stance again, 90 degrees back is up body centered.

    Again, if I use this, again he uses stance again 90 degrees horse stance, removing himself from danger. This is very important to use the base and in this case he can still walk away, doesnt have to stay there, a person can use the stance, get out of danger, walk away and therefore removing himself from being a potential victim.

    Again, we recommend that you do not learn kung-fu from a video to prevent injuries, we highly recommend that use a qualified kung-fu instructor, in this way, you will learn the best, and you will also understand how to use it correctly.